Discovery Session

At a one-on-one discovery session, we will investigate what really matters to you, and how to achieve your goals. 

We will use techniques developed by Dr. Stephen Covey, and use a habit he calls "start with the end in mind". From there we will then begin applying a structured process developed by Momettas to help define a pathway to success. 

During this process we will help build awareness and supply you tools that will help build your confidence, and help enable the motivation for you to succeed in your everyday activities. 

In addition to helping discover what is important to you, we also help with CV Writing, Goal Setting & Career Planning.

Goal Setting
Career planning


Be memorable, make an impact, by creating a unique CV that separates you from the other candidates. We'll help put together the best version of you in front of your future employer!


Setting GOALS is a must if you want to ensure personal success. We'll help define those goals for you, and create real plans that enable you to reach and exceed your goals.

Career planning

Career or Job? Which path are you on? If you're stuck on what to do next, or not sure how to progress in your career, we can help plan a pathway that ensures you succeed in reaching your desired outcome.

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