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One weird way to succeed

Weird, odd maybe even slightly mad.

Here's one way to see your personal success turn into reality!

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do" - Steve Jobs

Wait, what if your ambitions aren't to change the world? What if you just wanted to change yourself and your immediate surroundings such as the environment you live in, the job you have or the lifestyle you have?

If you take the idea of being crazy and weird and put it into the process you can really begin to understand what your purpose would be.

Here's how

Talk to yourself in a third person perspective, I do this when making any vital decisions.

Phrases like "so Michael why is this a good idea" then answer that question.

Here is list of other questions that might help you look crazy and weird.

  1. "Your idea is crap Michael, tell me why it even has a chance at working!"

  2. "Do you know the impact of your decision Michael?"

  3. "This is probably the best idea you've had, explain to me how you would execute it?"

So here's the trick to this technique, be serious about it!

"There's no point going crazy if your only going to go half crazy"

There's no point going crazy if you're only going to go half crazy. You need to be all in when talking to yourself, well actually, about yourself.

Here is how you can take yourself seriously.

  1. Ask the questions to yourself in a mirror

  2. Have an out aloud conversation with yourself in a room, or my favourite in the car. It looks like you're talking to someone on the phone or listening to music

  3. Ask the questions as if you can see yourself being interviewed on TV or Radio

  4. Ask the questions and then write down the answers

Sometimes talking to yourself is a great way to extract your real thoughts, and a fun way to help develop a sense of humour around success.

For more information on how to get even more crazy drop us an email or follow this link how to be crazy!

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