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How to maximise your day!

We are all busy, whether you're a student, a stay at home parent, or working a traditional 9-5 job. So how do we ensure we stay on task and maximise our day?

"Either you run the day, or the day runs you!" - Jim Rohn

Imagine a day where everything goes so well that you end up pinching yourself just to check it wasn't a dream. I mean from start to finish, absolutely everything you did went your way.

Now, picture this, how many of these so called smooth uninterrupted days have you had? Can you recall from start to finish not feeling drained from the work you’ve done, or not feeling like the world took all your energy, or that your entire day just fell apart.

I know this feeling, in fact we should at some point in our lives all feel this way. Why? Because it's natural to feel overwhelmed with tasks, trying to balance work and home life, personal relationships, study and expectations, let alone any unexpected incidents along the day.

But like i mentioned in an earlier post about how reacting or responding could make or break your day, learning how to tackle and maximise your day can help create a fulfilling aspect in your life and put a real bounce back in your step.

So how exactly do you do that?

Start your day the night before

I discovered from the likes of Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn & Zig Ziglar that to maximise and have a productive day, it really starts the night before.

A simple plan or awareness around what the day encompasses the night before can make a world of difference. Now I’m all for a good Sunday drive roaming free without any direction, but imagine hopping in the car knowing the end destination but not knowing the address, how much gas you need, what to bring, or simply what direction to head towards? Eventually you will get to a point of frustration. A simple plan the night before can help alleviate that pressure and stress.

Start Moving!

Second thing I do to ensure I maximise my day is once I eventually get out of bed (this isn't my strong point), but once I do get out and get up I like to start moving. Now this can be a form of exerscise or activity, however for me personally, I’m not really an “exercise in the morning” type of person, so instead I started a morning routine that helps me get into the groove of things immediately by applying the “start moving”strategy by getting up and making the beds, that's right making beds!

By doing this fairly mundane house task, it helps trigger my mind to get ready for the day. The way I see it is, I’ve already completed three tasks (three beds to make) within five minutes of starting the day. I believe this process is vital to ensuring I have mentally warmed up and am ready to begin tackling some of the more difficult tasks ahead.

"applying the 'start moving'strategy by getting up and making the beds"


I make no secret that growing up I was never a big reader, for whatever reason I struggled to read books and honestly it never really interested me. Fast froward to today, and I ensure reading is a daily routine for me.

Now you don’t have to read an academic book about inspiration to take advantage of this techinque, but reading a small article on your phone, or picking up where you left off on a novel helps the mind get warmed up for the day. By reading, you're processing information. You're triggering the mind to picture things and this really does create a powerful platform to help maximise your day.


Lastly for me, reading or saying out a loud your goals. This part here I feel really sets the direction of the day. For me it helps align the daily activities that I am about to embark on, with the wider goal I have set for myself.

This is important for me because when the day gets tough, or when it’s not going my way I can recite my goals and it will help me get back on track. What it does for me specifically is help re-align the important tasks or activities that are connected to that wider goal I have set.

So there you have it, call it what you want, strategies, tips or techniques but I believe how you start the day is a big indicator on how you’ll see the day through.

To learn more on how to better plan your day contact me at michael@momettas.com or visit our website www.momettas.com

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