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Write a letter to your younger self

Reflection and hindsight are a wonderful thing and together they can create a powerful process of learning something meaningful about yourself.

“The person who can freely acknowledge that life is full of difficulties can be free, because they are acknowledging the nature of life”

- Shunryu Suzuki

We often forget how far we've come. Often we get so caught up in the moment that we can belittle our own progress to a mere moment or period of our lives, when instead we should be looking at our life as a whole.

With that being said, something we should do often is reflect. To be more specific, reflect with the purpose of understanding just how far we've come.

Why reflect?

We can always take time to reflect and learn how far we have come by reflecting on our personal development, and I personally think that the process of reflecting is extremely powerful because what it will do is create gratitude and appreciation of oneself, something we are not natural at doing.

How often do we appreciate the good things in our lives, things like having a roof over our head, food on the table, a paying job or our health.

We are on the other hand quick to react and be drawn towards the negative aspects of our lives, the things that aren’t going so well, and that reaction can quickly hang around creating more self-doubt and stop us from succeeding in life.

How to reflect?

One of the ways to reflect successfuly is to act out the reflection, and a method that is worth undertaking is to write to your younger self. That’s right, go old school and write a letter to yourself. If this process seems too far fetched to complete, then imagine your younger self and the things you would tell them if you knew the things you knew today.

You may not be able to change what has happened to you, or change the results that have led you to where you are now, but what it does is create perspective. In other words the process of reflection helps you escape the current mindset you are in, also known as the present, and take you back into time (past) to understand how far you’ve come.

This hollistic point of view or almost third person action helps the mind also look at the growth of your development.

Now this process is not for everyone, but what I would like to point out is the process of reflection. So if writing or imagining talking to your younger self is too hard to do, another method is to list all the accomplishments you've reached during your life so far.

What this process allows you to do, is reflect by tracking your development, your progress and your success. As I mentioned we very rarely acknowledge just how far we’ve come and sometimes when we are going through a rough patch, or difficult period in our lives its hard to see just how far we’ve come, and often all our focus and energy is drawn on the now, and that isn’t always the best process to get us out of the tough times.

Another way to think of reflection is like this, imagine you’ve been stuck in a maze for hours and you need to get out of there, however you’ve lost complete direction of where you are and so your current process is to wonder aimlessly turning left and right with no purpose. Now a good way to understand a way out is to work backwards, track where you have been, make notes on certain turns to help ensure your not going round and round in circles. You may not get out, but what you have accomplished is a process of finding your bearings and taking control of the situation.

You see life is often like that maze, and we can often wonder aimlessly trying to find a way out.

However, what reflection aims to achieve is the process of knowing where you’ve been in order to re-establish your bearings and take a break from the aimless circling.

To understand how reflection could help you or you would like to know more about how we can help with your personal success, email me at michael@momettas.com or click the image below and visit www.momettas.com to find out more.

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