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The Under Appreciated Success of being a Mother

At Momettas we value success as something that is personal to you. Often when we post a blog or share stories of success on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, they have a direct line that encourages the discovery of one’s personal success. After all what is success if you cannot define how you measure it.

Today, I would like to take an approach that slightly differs from the usual tips, strategies and "how to" guide of becoming successful. Rather the approach as the title suggests, is to look at the success of being a mother through the eyes and viewpoint of a non-mother.

So where to begin?

I think an appropriate starting point would be a simple "thank you!"

Thank you for worrying about every second of every single moment.

Thank you for playing bad cop while all of us assume the role of good cop.

Thank you for sharing your body to raise our children and accepting that the changes to your body will never be the same again.

Thank you for allowing your mind to accept the silliest questions and still have the time to answer it with love.

Thank you for spending hours upon hours, days, weeks, months even years without having a proper conversation with an adult.

Thank you for the tough decisions you have to make, and the even tougher decisions you often make by yourself.

Thank you for the role of playing Dad.

Thank you for ensuring that the kids are ready for school first, while you have to rush around getting ready in five minutes.

Thank you for caring about the smallest of details when no one else will.

Thank you for the hugs and kisses, and eventually having to accept that the frequency reduces as we get older and not holding that against us.

Thank you for the advice we do not want to hear but often need to hear.

Thank you for accepting an unselfish life in exchange for little recognition.

Thank you for smiling and loving us anyway when we get you a present or card that does not fully represent your physical and emotional investment.

Thank you for keeping it together, when it all seems to be falling apart.

Thank you for not taking a sick day, and a reduction in pay or no pay at all.

Thank you finally for allowing us to succeed first, to lay the groundwork, and to let us go conquer a scary world and putting the bravest of faces when we do leave!

Thank you for always being you!

Mother's play a role that is truly under-appreciated in society but even more so in today’s society where every move is judged on social media.

"From my perspective mother's play a role that is crucial to any child's success, before birth and well beyond adulthood"

Mother's will often feel guilty for wanting something small for themselves and often when they deserve to spoil themselves with a facial, massage or gift for their efforts, they will constantly think about their children and family.

A mother in my eyes is a perfect example of personal success. Mother's endure failures and sacrifices on a daily occurrence with a lifetime vision of raising happy and healthy children.

Mother's have an underlying attitude of always putting their families and children first, they are natural leaders of a home even if they had no intention of becoming one. They can adapt and adjust to almost any situation they encounter and will go above and beyond to protect and provide for their children.

"When we look at success, look no further than the traits of a mother. They amplify the mindset of success in every way"

It is a shame that mothers only get one day a year to be recognised and to celebrate their achievements and success. So today I encourage you to celebrate our mothers all around the world, let’s celebrate all that is great and all of their dedication to the role of being a mother, no matter which way you look at it, being a mother is a role that will continue to be undervalued, under-appreciated and never celebrated enough.

To my own mum and to the mother of my two beautiful children, and to all the strong beautiful woman who have been part of my life, this blog is dedicated to you!

Thank you,


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