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My Top 5 Tips to Help Kick-Start your Success

When I discovered what success could do for me and my family, I decided to take more interest in the process of personal success. I wanted to understand if I could influence certain aspects of the process that would accelerate and get me closer to my goals.

"However, what came out of that process was a commitment to developing a template of self-awareness that not only accelerated my success but discovered a hollistic view of success"

With that being said, here are my Top 5 Tips to Help Kick-Start your Success!

Tip One : Develop Self-Awareness

To me without awareness, it really is difficult to create a foundation of where you want to go. By becoming self-aware you not only create a different perspective on life, but you begin to develop better judgement for yourself.

Tip Two : Listen with the intention of Learning

Listening is one of the hardest things to do naturally, as humans we tend to always listen with the intention of responding immediately. If you begin to listen with the intention of learning, you'll ask more questions, and retain more information that could help you.

Tip Three : Read Books on Success

There's no secret that I wasn't a natural reader growing up. Never really liked reading, and certainly didn't make time for it. Nowadays, reading is a vital component to my success. I suggest developing a habit to read more books, in particular books about success.

(I will be doing a blog series on books I recommend reading, so subscribe to the blog to keep updated)

Tip Four : Be Prepared to Fail

As cliche' as this sounds, it is important to be prepared or at the very least be aware that failing is ok in order to succeed. Prior to discovering this rule, I used to view failing as something you shouldn't do or should avoid altogether. What this did was actually limit my potential to develop, and where I have learnt the most is when I have accepted failure as part of the process, but more importantly developed a process to learn from it.

Tip Five : Help Others Succeed

This tip might sound a bit "airy-fairy" and I will be the first to admit that! But there is something about helping others succeed that pays off in the long run. People remember when you help them, I mean genuinely help them, and by this I mean, not expecting anything in return.

So there you have it, some quick tips to help kick-start your personal success.

Thank you for reading!

Michael Basagre

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