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My Top 5 Success Quotes

Why are famous quotes so popular? Why would someone use a quote to inspire or motivate? What’s the point of a quote?

My relationships with success quotes started a few years ago, and like most good things it was unexpected. In fact it came out of a negative situation. I had just lost my largest account, and I was feeling down and out, and I started deeply questioning my ability and my role within the company I was working with. Before I knew it I was in the process that led me to think about how I was going to support my family, and then I started feeling really sorry for myself, and beating myself up, and I started to think negatively.

Thankfully, this mindset only lasted for a short while. As soon as I decided to commit to solving the problem I was facing, I began looking for ways to solve it. Shortly after I was on Google typing in things like ,”how to win more business”, “how to replace a large account after losing it”, “how to effectively cold call”, you name it I was Googling all sorts of questions that I thought would help me get back on track.

After several Google searches, and Youtube videos I started stumbling across these images that had famous quotes, and soon I was hooked on reading all these various quotes around the answer to my questions.

After reading them I began feeling inspired and motivated and I started believing in my turnaround, and when you think about it, that is what a powerful, inspiring quote can do for you. It can create this new belief and awareness to take action, and create a pathway that sets a new tone, and a new perspective.

So with that being said, I wanted to share some of my top 5 success quotes that have helped me or continue to help me create success.

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