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How winning Lotto can help you discover your passion!

Passion was once described to me as something you always wanted to become or something you feel strongly about.

That's great I said to myself, but there is that looming elephant in the room, that has a sign around its neck saying "how do I find my passion?"

"I have a theory, some people at a very early age have passion drilled into them, some are so called born passionate in their chosen industries, some discover their passion through a series of failures, and others simply believe they have no passion to discover"

My personal experience is geared towards the discovery through a series of failures.

You see the last observation of people not believing they have something passionate to discover is actually very common, in fact I would also put myself in that category just as much as I am in the category of discovery through a series of failures.

If my observation is somewhat correct, and the majority falls in this last category, then my question would be why?

Why do so many of us have this mentality that people who follow their passion are people who are either born that way or had their passion nurtured through the environment and upbringing?

Why do we not question ourselves before questioning others?

My thoughts on that are, we simply limit our capacity towards that part of the mind. In other words we tend to think passion is something only a few people have the honour of pursuing.

Imagine if you could remove that limitation and be able to freely discover your passion?

What if you didn't have to go through a series of failures to discover it? What if there was a quick way to get a glimpse into your passion?

My answer to that is, there is a way to create that spark of discovery, and that one way that I believe can really separate whether you think you have discovered your passion or whether you think your passion is just a passing phase is this.

"Imagine winning Lotto's largest jackpot, the one that will set you up for life and generations to come. Now imagine you've purchased everything you ever wanted and could ever have dreamed of.

My next question is now what?"

Now that you have everything, done every imaginable adventure, trotted the globe without a worry about cost, what will you do next?

Are you ready? This so called next part is that glimpse into your passion I was eluding to.

Why? Because when you truly discover your passion everything else around you becomes secondary. Now that is not to say money, having a home, security and health are not important it simply means in this particular process what we have attempted to achieve is to remove the limitation stopping you from thinking clearly about your passion, the so called negative discussion with yourself, sentences like “I’d love to do that but I don’t have enough money”, or “I would love to give back to the community, but I don’t have time for that”.

By thinking you’ve won Lotto, what you begin to do is remove those limitations in your mind. What this process enables you to do, is to think and discover your so called true core values by removing your so called surface values from the equation, and when you do that, you peel away the layers that are not directly linked to things you find important to you.

What I've observed is that passionate people who follow their passion are often following something slightly bigger than themselves. They believe what they will accomplish and leave behind is something that will benefit others, whether that be changing a sport forever like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, or changing how we interact with technology like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates or changing how we treat each other like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.

Whatever your passion is, when you discover it, it must be removed of material things. That's why I like the winning Lotto analogy, because it forces your mind to think beyond the material aspects and shift towards the "slightly bigger than myself" mindset, and when you shift into this mindset, that is where you will truly find your passion.

So, think this sounds crazy? Try it, let me know if it works, I'd love to know how it goes, either comment below or drop me a line at michael@momettas.com

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