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How to use emotion to drive personal success

Anger, hate, fear and love are all examples of emotion, they are also examples of tools that can be used to amplify your personal success.

Why use emotion to discover your success?

Emotion is a great tool because it creates a sense of awareness and can lead to discovering your purpose. It is a sign that you care about something enough to feel emotion and that if you are willing to discover more you will find a connection to something you value.

How to drill down on emotion to connect to your core values?

Imagine you often get angry with your family, it could be anything from the things they do, to the things they don't do. I mean you get so fired up that you just can't seem to understand why they don't get your perspective on family matters.

This so called anger, this emotion is connected to how you feel about your family. In particular your family values, that's why you get so worked up, because you believe in something more, and the emotion that is extracted in this case is anger.

So what? I am an emotional person anyway, how does this help me?

My thoughts on this are simple, to use that emotion to discover your personal success. In other words, use that emotion to drive and push your success, rather than create barriers.

What I mean by this is, if you are not sure on what success means to you, why not try to use emotion to discover your passion and your purpose?

"By using emotion to drive your success, you can use it to your advantage"

Here's how you could do it?

If emotions are vaguely linked to your core values, then try to use emotion as a vehicle to drive out that core value. Often our core values, are things that are really important to us, and are often found by how we conduct ourselves in everyday life for example how we look at life, or how we treat others.

So if you're always angry with the world, what is it about things that anger you that could potentially be linking you to your core values?

For example, I'm always angry with the government and their stupid decisions they make, they never benefit me, or the problems never solve the core issues in society!

The anger is a sign that your obviously frustrated with the government, if you digest that statement, you could assume that you don't share the same values of the government. So then you could use that anger to discover and to understand what is it you believe so strongly that is connecting you to that emotion of frustration and anger.

For arguments sake let's assume you don't believe in the governments policy around health. Through this discovery you then deploy a strategy to investigate why, how and what you can do to potentially change that policy or at least make more people aware of the indifference you see.

As you strategically make this indifference aware to those around you, you are indirectly saying this is something you value, and have a passion for. And without getting into details, this is how the civil rights movements that Martin Luther King believed in and fought for were founded. He found his passion through the anger of injustice, and used that emotion to drive a strategy built from his core values.

This small example of how you can use anger to discover your link to core values can benefit you in so many ways.

By using emotion to drive success you can use it to your advantage.

To understand how to use emotion to discover your success, contact us at michael@momettas.com or follow the link to our website to discover more.

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