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What's more important? Your Job or your Career?

What's the difference? Aren't careers and jobs the same thing?

"Choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life"

- Confucious

In some ways it is, the major difference in my view is a career is looking at the long term view and a job is looking at the short term view.

With that being said, the trick is actually to understand the order of each one, rather than which one is more important.

What I mean by this specifically is that your career (long term) ambitions must drive your job (short term) description not the other way round. This is important to understand because a career will have several jobs if not more to help you develop and grow as an individual, whereas if you only focus on a job you create a limited opportunity to grow.

When you become clear on your career path, your job description or title is almost irrelevant, because truth be told your job is only temporary and should be a by product of your career path.

In other words, expect to change your job several times in order to stay on track with your career pathway. Don't let your job dictate your career let your career dictate the jobs you do.

For example, say you want to become a professional sports player, and your passion is to become the best sports player in that chosen field, let's say you accomplish all the successes of that as a professional athlete such as awards, championships, trophies etc. you've now come to the end of your playing days, now what???

You're all of a sudden feeling lost.

Now let's flip that for a second, in order to stop that lost feeling what should have happened is to create a passion out of that chosen sport. Your playing time was only part of the process, and because you have bigger ambitions beyond playing you decide to learn about the business side of the sport, evidently leading you into a administrative role such as player recruitment post playing time.

In this seemingly short example, you can see that by placing your career as the directional path, the jobs that entail it such as playing, or administrative roles become by products of that direction.

Similarly this could be the same for any career path, in sales, you could start off as a sales rep knocking on doors, picking up the phone and your career path could lead you to a sales training role or sales director role or into entrepreneurship roles.

Same again for a career path in the health industry, your jobs could go from a nurse, to doctor, doctor to a specialist, and specialist to a world wide researcher for a cure for some killer disease.

"In other words, expect to change your job several times in order to stay on track of your career pathway. Don't let your job dictate your career let your career dictate the jobs you do"

The point is to understand the career path you want to move towards, but being very aware each job as either a stepping stone in that direction or at the very least a job that enables you to learn more about that career path.

Too often we tend to give up our career path because we fail to make the connection, and as a result we either go from job to job with that same mentality of feeling unfulfilled and under appreciated which ultimately stops or stuns our ability to develop and grow.

To learn more or understand how to discover your career path contact me at michael@momettas.com or book a "one-on-one discovery session" now.

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