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3 Ways to tackle people hating on your success!

When people start hating on our success we should begin by addressing why someone would start hating in the first place.

Grant Cardone, a sales trainer and entrepreneur once said that people start hating on your success because of jealousy.

In other words they want what you have, but fail to commit, invest and learn how and why you are successful.

The hating is a sign of their perspective, and as far as you're concerned it should be a limited perspective.

It's also a sign that they don't want to better themselves and the only way they can justify that is to believe the opposite of their own position.

So the question I have is, how do you tackle haters and how do you not let haters affect you. Because truth be told no matter how strong you are mentally, you can always allow a hater to infiltrate your mind and attitude, and before you know it you're talking their language and buying into their nonsense.

Below are three ways I handle haters.

Agree with them!

That's right agree! Sounds awfully counterproductive right? But it's a little bit of reverse psychology.

Here's the trick, agree in the sense you are acknowledging their position, as opposed to agreeing with their statement.

This enables you to not buy into their reasons, and more importantly you control the outcome of the hate.

For example, you get promoted in a job and someone from your team says something like “how did he get that promotion? He doesn’t deserve that! It should be me not him!”

Naturally you would like to defend yourself, but in this case, agree with them!

Your response might sound like this “You’re right! How did I deserve this promotion? How did I get this before you??”

See what you’ve done is control the outcome of the statement, and then reversed it to then question themselves on their own reasons.

"In other words they want what you have, but fail to commit, invest and learn how and why you are successful"

Remember why you are striving for success.

Often when we let that hater into our mind and we forget some of the reasons why we strive for success in the first place. So have ready in your mind your goals and personal mission statements as a reference point to counter the haters.

In a blog I wrote about how to maximise your day, I mentioned how reading out aloud your goals in the morning helps set the tone and direction of the day. Similar to setting your day up, your goals can also be used to remind you why you do what you do!

What are they hating exactly?

I like this technique because it's an opportunity to then reconfirm your own successes.

Think of it as a way of reaffirming your attributes and achievements or like a positive reflection process of your success!

For example, they are hating on me because I got promoted before them.

Why did I get promoted before them?

I worked hard.

Reached my goals I set.

Connected and understood what was required to get to the next level.

I proved my value beyond what was required of me.

I helped others around me.

So there you have it. Haters love hating, but remember they hate because you have something they don't. They are jealous and wish they could be as successful as you are.

Still getting hate? or would like to know how to get people to hate your success? Contact me at michael@momettas.com



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