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Why it's OK to be selfish

Why be selfish, well why not?

When it comes to personal success, being selfish is almost a by product of that process.

It is unfortunate that as a society we often frown upon those that are selfish and as a result question their character and motivation.

Truth be told though, being selfish is required in order to be successful. You often sacrifice time with friend and families and other worthy activities in pursuit of becoming successful.

We hear stories of entrepreneurs who work day and night or athletes who train ridiculous hours and leave a trail of personal destruction along the way.

But that's not a bad thing is it? Or is it?

Let's break it down and attempt to justify selfishness in the view of personal success.

The Positives

When you become selfish in pursuit of success, it suggests you have that inner drive, that inner belief to do more and to become more. This personal drive to follow your passion is a vital component that is often un-natural for most.

In other words this inner drive would suggest your goals are important and you hold yourself to very high standards, so if you have this it means you are already a step ahead.

Often this selfish vision of success is actually for others around you, what I mean by this is you are often sacrificing time with loved ones, in order for them to have more i.e. a better home, holidays and education just to name a few.

The Negatives

As I mentioned earlier, we often sacrifice loved ones in pursuit of success, and that is often one of the largest compromises we undertake.

Unfortunately we can also compromise our character, values and beliefs in pursuit of success.

It can be extremely lonely having this personal drive with nobody seeing your perspective.

Often your drive to succeed does come from a good place, but is often perceived as coming from a place opposite of that.

Here's the kicker!

Can you be selfish without compromising your values or things that are important to you?

The short answer is absolutely you can!

The best way is to reverse engineer your reasons. This is where having goals, and a personal mission statement is extremely important (to discover how to write meaningful goals click this link here).

The goals help direct you in the right path, and help guide you during the times that you might blur the lines of values and success.

The other key area here is to communicate your goals to those people who are important to you, to those around you who if comprised will be affected the most.

"When it comes to personal success, being selfish is almost a by product of that process"

When you clearly communicate your reasons why you maybe working late, or why you need to train harder it becomes much easier to comprehend the compromises.

Often if communicated clearly and agreed upon those important people around you will often help drive you further, and encourage you to succeed.

So you see being selfish in order to achieve success or become successful is not a bad thing. I would argue that as long as you're aware of why you do what you do and you communicate your goals and intentions to those most important to you, being selfish in order to succeed no longer becomes frowned upon.

If you would like to discover how to balance this part of your life feel free to drop me a line at michael@momettas.com or visit our coaching section here.

Till next week!



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