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Why is discipline a must for success?

When it comes to success, discipline is one attribute that often gets left out.

Everyone wants the results of success now, who doesn't right?

Why is this?

Well I believe that social media has had a massive part to play in a world of instant gratification, people want to show the world how great they are and what they have achieved.

Now this is not to say we shouldn’t express ourselves, but we should remember that success is something personal, something only you can define and when we present our success with no meaning it comes off fake or the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments"

- Jim Rohn

But there is a way to counter this and to add real substance behind your success, and this is to add discipline to what you do!


I believe that in order to become successful we need to master small habits. By mastering small habits we tend to create rituals that then become the norm, therefore allowing us to progress further in our development.

For example, when we are learning to walk, we don't suddenly try to lift ourselves up, balance and then walk on our first attempt.

Rather we master individual processes. Once we master each small part of the process, only then can we begin the next part of the process.

So when it comes to walking, we must first master pulling ourselves up. We do that over and over, until it becomes habit.

Once we master that, we need to master balancing, and again in order to balance we must master the art of balancing itself.

Once you have mastered balancing, you start the task of trying to take the first step, and then eventually walking on your own.

Once you master walking, it becomes natural, you no longer focus on it as much as you did when you first started it, this is what discipline can achieve for you.

Success is no different in my view, you master certain steps that help create an overall success, and when you master those small habits by being disciplined you tend to succeed so much quicker.

"in order to become successful we need to master small habits"

For example mastering the habit of saying your goals out loud everyday, or mastering the mindset of helping others, or mastering reading something uplifting everyday, and when you use discipline to maintain these examples it eventually becomes natural, just like walking!

With that being said, discipline is hard, often it takes persistence and failing to actually get the result or form the habit you are after.

But just remember that in order to succeed in the larger goals in life, you need to master the smaller things first!

Till next week!


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