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Success is not the end goal!

I recently heard that it's all about success, it's all about being successful, and that we should strive towards that success like our life depends on it.

What's wrong with this message?

Truth be told, success is not the goal, and being successful is not the be all end all.

"Success is a mindset, an attitude, a way of life, it shouldn't be something you have it's something you do"

In other words it's a continuous improvement of oneself.

As soon as you put a timeline on success, you tend to look for short cuts, and that is where a lot of issues begin when it comes to personal success.

When success is at the heart of your daily activity things become a lot more easier to accomplish.

What I mean by this is, you shouldn't be aiming for success you should live it!

Things like reading everyday, or eating healthy, and letting go of small and minor issues, all help towards building the right attitude and mindset to live out success rather than achieve success.

Remember that success is an attitude, a mindset and a way of life!

Till next time,

Mike Basagre

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