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The Power of Self Doubt!

Why do we doubt what we are capable of achieving? Based on my personal experience, I believe the answer is a combination of environment and mindset. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Don't get me wrong, in its simplest form you could argue that self doubt boils down to physical and the non-physical. And for me this is what I believe it comes down to, the physical being your environment, and the non-physical being your mindset.

"self doubt when it comes to success relies heavily on your mindset"

Lets look at it this way. Environment is somewhat fixed, and mindset is something that is not. What I mean by this is, is the environment we live in can dictate how we live our lives, our surrounding that includes the people, the society and area we live in are all examples of an environment. A lot of the environment is fixed, i.e. It's not the easiest thing to change, or if it is, it's often something out of your hands.

On the flip side mindset is more flexible, and is subject to influence and has the ability to change. Both contribute to self-doubt and both have the ability to create positive change. The way I view it is that self doubt when it comes to success relies heavily on your mindset, after all doubt starts from the mind and grows from within, when your environment also showcases what your mindset is telling you, it can be a lethal combination. So how to do you fix it? Pretty simple. Start by changing your mindset. It's much easier than changing your environment, you can't always leave your family or your home, but you can begin changing your mind and therefore change your perspective on the environment. Once you start seeing a different perspective, opportunities begin opening. Opportunities you never thought possible, and that is the power of a positive mindset. Change your mindset and you can change your perspective and direction. To learn more, contact me at michael@momettas.com Till next week, Michael

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