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Why being the smartest is no longer a prerequisite for success!

Not sure about you, but going to school in the 90's and early 2000's there was an unspoken perception that in order to be successful in life you had to be striving to be the smartest student in the room.

This perception was reiterated by numerous tests, exams and a scoring system that showcased how smart or how well you were or were not doing.

A+ certainly meant you were one of the smartest if not the smartest in the room. F traditionally reflected failure and a sense of not achieving your educational goals, and 50% in a test or exam seemed to represent an average or middle of the road student.

Now don't get me wrong I don't necessarily believe that a scoring system or some form of scaling is no longer required, after all we still need targets, goals and guidelines to help direct us to succeed.

But my thought today is you no longer need to be the smartest person to achieve success.

Why do I believe this?

Well I believe that society has somewhat ingrained our perception in this traditional thinking. What I mean by this is we often still think the students getting A's and 90% test scores are the ones likely to succeed in life, and anything below is either frowned upon or assumed that is how you will carry on post education.

But this is not always the case. In fact I would argue that this type of referencing is almost harmful to those wanting to succeed. Those who aspire to be successful, but then see a failed test or a 60% score all of sudden may begin believing in that score.

Here's why its different now!

What I have learned in my own experiences is that it's not so much the score or grade you receive that matters it's how you've applied yourself during that process or how you choose to learn from those grades and scores.

There are a number of studies and research that show that everyone learns at different rates, speeds, and methods.

You see the ones that continue to succeed in life are the ones that never stop learning, and what I mean by learning is not so much about going to school, but how you continue to better yourself and how you see a difficult situation or task is the essence of learning and ultimately helps shapes your personal growth.

Psychologist Angla Duckworth discusses this very theory in a popular TEDx talk and defines this type of learning as having GRIT!

The concept of not giving up, always wanting to learn and look for a way to solve solutions are better contributors to whether you will succeed in life or not, rather than a number or a letter.

Now this is fairly widespread, but the essence of learning applies to all facets of life, work, home, relationships, career, family. It's the entire process of learning to be better version of yourself.

Questioning why you do what you do, and questioning what you could do better. That is the essence of learning, not a test score not a grade.

So whether you are still in school studying or well into your career, don’t let a number or a letter define your success.

Till next week,


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