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Why awareness and action will help you succeed!

Dr. Stephen R. Covey is famous for a saying I absolutely love.

“First seek to understand, before being understood”

- Dr. Stephen R. Covey

This particular saying and phrase absolutely resonated with me when I first came across it. It is somewhat the essence of how I approach helping others succeed and evidently an approach I used to help myself.

The reason I love it some much, is the approach that you must learn to be AWARE in order to be successful.

Awareness is so vital to moving forward because it is the basis which allows you to take action.

I’ll argue now that awareness without action is pointless, but awareness with action can be transformative.

Let me explain in a bit more detail, by replacing the word awareness with knowledge.

Knowing what you want, then being able to have the tools to action your knowledge will create the right type of change.

We can all have knowledge, but what is knowledge if you don’t take action on it?

Let’s use a common challenge that most of us will face at one point in our lives, “losing weight!”

Say you want to lose 5kgs as your goal.

You might then decide to put a time line in place and say I would like to reach that goal in 6months time.

The two weeks go well and you then decide to weigh yourself, and the results aren't very good, and you haven’t actually lost any weight, you feel disappointment, you feel deflated and angry, and give up on the goal altogether.

Now I’m by no means a personal trainer or health expert, but I can see that from this generic example that a vital point was missing in regards to reaching that goal, and that was the right tools to create the right results.

When it comes to success, it is no different to the example above. Often we are aware of the first part of what we want, i.e. the dream job, a happy family, or that dream home, it’s the second part that matters more, the part you take action on!

And it is often this part we fail to action properly, and therefore create the wrong expectations, which can lead to a cycle of being let down, and if created long enough will develop into a habit!

So how do you turn awareness or that knowledge into real actionable success?

Firstly you need to be able to understand what is required to get there.

Secondly you need to be committed and persistent in your approach to the goal.

Lastly you often need another perspective to help drive the right results.

For example if we go back to losing weight, instead of going it alone, you decide to invest in a personal trainer who not only helps with the fitness side of change but also eating healthy , and together you work on reaching that goal.

When it comes to success, we often rely on ourselves to help drive the right activity, but like losing weight, we often need outside help to guide, coach and drive the right results.

These outside influences could be a manager, a colleague, your partner, your best friend or your parents.

What an influencer can do to help is create some feedback on your goals and your ambitions. Together you can help turn your awareness into actionable goals and create the right environment to succeed in life!

To learn how to create actionable results, or if you would like some free advice on how to get some guidance around your goals please feel free to drop me a line at michael@momettas.com

Till next week!

Michael Basagre

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