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Ideas are great, but execution is the key to success!

Everyone has great ideas, they come in all shapes and sizes, from the practical to the weird and wonderful!

When it comes to success, we often have a preconceived idea of what that looks like, what success potentially feels like and what success could do for you.

The difficulty however is how to execute success!

A sports analogy could be training, planning, and researching your opponents, otherwise known as a game plan.

However, a game plan is useless if you don't actually go out and play the game and attempt those things you plan!

When it comes to success we often talk about it, plan it, and research like a sports team or an individual may do, but then fail to take one step forward to trial, test and see what actually happens.

Things like submitting that CV, or going for that promotion, or taking a step forward to get out of your comfort zone.

When it comes to executing ideas or success, you need to go out and do it!

As cliche' as this sounds, you'll never know until you try it.

But the truth of the matter is, that's exactly what you need to do to execute. You need to take action, you need to be courageous even if it means failing over and over.

I've often said success is not a moment that just suddenly happens, or a goal you achieve, its a mindset and an attitude that drives you places, and unless you're willing to take a step forward and try things, you'll never know what you need to do to execute your ideas and success.

The trying, the taking a step forward and doing is an opportunity to not only test your ideas or what success means to you, but an opportunity to evolve it, adapt it and change it.

When you combine action with a purpose it often leads to great things.

Till next week,

Michael Basagre

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