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Seriously stop blaming others!

When it comes to success, accountability is often lost in the results or not considered part of the success process.

If you really want to maintain long term success then accountability must be at the forefront of your process.

Success as I've pointed out in earlier blogs is a personal mission, no one else will create your success, you need to define it, and then act on it. Therefore if success is such a personal process, you need to be equally transparent with yourself. That means, taking ownership of your success, and more importantly taking ownership of your failures.

Blaming others and the environment you're in is not the way to develop success. If you're wanting to truly reap the rewards of success then you need to hold yourself accountable.

Now I understand this is easier said than done, and not everyone is in a position to change their environment or surroundings. But what you can do to become more accountable is to become more aware.

"If you really want to maintain long term success then accountability must be at the forefront of your process"

Becoming aware is a positive step towards becoming more accountable, if you can't develop accountability straight away.

Here are a couple of ways to be more accountable when it comes to your personal success:

Using the words related to "responsibility" in your everyday language. For example, "its my responsibility to ensure this gets done today", or "I'm responsible for this...."

When you fail or something doesn't go your way, using reflective statements such as "I should've done it this way" or "I needed to do this better" or "this was on me".

Most of the time, success is a selfish process, something you want, or need, or want to become. So stop blaming others for not reaching your goals, or becoming successful, because success is a personal achievement, therefore its on you to succeed, not others. Your surroundings, and people around you may influence your success, but ultimately you need to take control therefore you need to be more accountable.

Till next week,

Michael Basagre

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