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You'll never succeed unless you apply this one rule

Is there just one rule to success?

If so we would all be successful and living the dreams we all dream of right?

"Awareness is the root cause of all success"

The harsh reality is there is no one rule, and if you think there is some magic potion out there or some "click of the fingers" approach your clearly not valuing what success is about.

I've defined success many times in previous blogs, but the bottom line is success is a long term process that is developed by you.

So this idea that one rule would make you successful would be irrelevant, especially based on the statement above.

But with that being said, there is a rule if applied would certainly help define your starting point and help drive you towards achieving your goals and ultimately a purpose led life.

That one rule is becoming self-aware! Awareness is the root cause of all success.

When you become more aware of what you want, you automatically have a better chance of achieving it.

Now awareness is not the only rule to achieving outrageous success, but is certainly the first step towards it.

If you want to learn how to unlock your awareness drop me a line at michael@momettas.com

Till next time!

Michael Basagre

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