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Here's your chance to write your own story!!

It's not everyday we get a chance to rewrite our own story or change direction for a more prosperous one.

In fact there seems to be a few days in a year or lifetime that seems appropriate, like New Years, Birthdays, or Key Milestones such as leaving school, new job or starting a family or perhaps a unfortunate tragedy to occur. They all seem like obvious times to rewrite your story right?

But why is that? Why do we need a birthday, an event, a transition from one period to another in order to seek approval for change?

I pondered this thought and said to myself "I think this is the norm because we are almost taught subconsciously that this is the natural course of life." But is it?

Think of it for a second, when you hear sayings like "mid-life crisis", "forty is the new thirty" or "New Years Resolution" what tradtionally comes to mind?

Well for me it relates to an event, a milestone or a particular time in your life, now what traditionally occurs afterward that? Again for me it's often an opportunity to change or adapt? Rewrite your journey, it's almost as if life itself is giving you a clue to change your life.

My point here is that we wait till there's a milestone, an event, or an unfortunate tragedy in order for us to rewrite or kick-start our so called new journey. But reality is you don't!

You can do that anytime, and you know why? Because it's our choice. Stuff the New Year Resolutions, forget about how old your turning and focus on what you want now to happen for you and how you plan to start it.

And that's the clue there, is to simply start and take action. Don't wait till there's a birthday, an opening for the right job or a new year to arrive, become aware now and start now!

And I know change is often a massive deal, but starting can be as simple as writing down what you want, as oppose to up rooting your current state. Positive change is often a combination of small activities, you have to grind, hustle and be persistent, but the key is to START!

If you are looking for that kick-start moment, drop me a line at michael@momettas.com and I'll be more than happy to help.

PS, be sure to like, share and comment, no pressure!

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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