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Special Travel Addition; "Effort, Efficient & Effective"

Tokyo, Japan 2018

As I sat waiting at Hong Kong airport for my flight back to New Zealand I decided to ponder my week in Tokyo, and pondered I did!

One of the key things i noticed being in Tokyo is the amount of people, apparently over 9 million people reside there, compared to Auckland's 1.3 million!

Despite the crazy numbers I was surprised at how smooth Tokyo felt, yes it was crowded, yes it was busy and yes it was fast-paced!!

But what absolutely blew my mind was the way the people, the infrastructures and the city ran; it was like clock work, sorry let me rephrase - It was clock work!

During one of my observations of "Scramble Junction" (pictured at the top) from a Starbucks table I noticed something only observing could pick up.

The Japanese people had purpose in their direction, in other words it's easy to get caught up in all the potential mis-directions and obstacles heading your way, but the mission was a clear and precise, get to the other side of the crossing!

They crossed this junction with an efficient pace and effortlessly moved with effective purpose, it was so cool to watch!

What I also realised was, life is very much like this crazy crossing, often we need to cross certain roads, paths or journeys, and often we will come across distractions, obstacles and potential downfalls as we cross.

But like the people of Japan if we focus on the goal, the end outcome, we can cross those junctions effectively as long as we have a purpose.

Success often lies where we become aware of those potential hazards, obstacles and distractions, and then adapt and change accordingly.

Now I won't lie, seeing that crossing for the first time looked scary, and going through it was even more insane! I bumped, sidestepped and went the wrong way. It wasn't until I crossed it a few times that I really found an effective way through without bumping into people.

Which brings me to my other point, failing, attempting, giving things a go and getting uncomfortable is the only way to experience real growth and real learning.

When you go through those life journeys and have those ups and downs and learn from them you subsequently give yourself a chance to grow.

Your story becomes more personal, more real and evidently more rewarding.

So to conclude the first ever "Travel-Success-Blog" my advice is try new things, attempt that scary crossing, be prepared to fail, to fall and trip up, and then be prepared to get back up and keep moving!

Till next time!

From abroad in Hong Kong Airport,

Michael Basagre

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