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If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Ever heard that saying before "if it were easy everyone would be doing it"?

It's a saying I came across several times over the past few years, and across multiple formats such as social media, in person, radio, podcast and in the written word.

But what does it mean and more importantly why is it a saying?

My interpretation of it is pretty simple. Wanting something verses earning the right to have it are two different things.

In other words, expectations are completely different to the actual realities.

Furthermore, earning the right to do something, having something or being someone is just that, your ability to earn it.

Nothing comes free, or at least the valued things, and maintaining the right is a whole other conversation.

So if the saying simply defines expectations verses reality, then why do we hear, see and read about it?

My personal view on this is again fairly straightforward.

It's used to remind us and those that succeed or at least the comparison to succeed isn't an easy road.

"expectations are completely different to the actual realities"

It's used to provide perspective and help create awareness by creating a point of difference.

In conjunction with perspective and realities , I believe it's used to drive positive action, or at least to those who can see its benefits.

For example, everyone might want to be manager-free or be their own boss, but the reality is it's damn hard to have those responsibilities.

The truth is are you prepared to work longer hours, have people entrust you with their livelihood and have the accountability that comes with being at the top of the food chain?

Often people who think they could be their own boss often do not know what is involved, and their initial drive to wanting to be their own boss comes from having a crap boss or environment, and therefore people are reacting rather than responding.

To read more about the differences of reacting and responding read this blog I wrote here.

In other words, they get their emotions heavily involved in making decisions, and sometimes that's not the best way to operate.

Another good example I hear often is about athletes. It's easy to be a critic behind an armchair or keyboard and judge sports players for earning all this money for running around for 80 minutes or 90 minuets a week and saying I could do a better job.

But again the reality is could you?

Could you go through the sacrifice, the training, the media scrutiny??

My point here is, what you may think is easy, may not be easy, and that more often or not a lot of dedication, hard work and perseverance is required to achieve any level of success.

If you're looking to discover how you could extract success, drop me a line at michael@momettas.com

Till next time!


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