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Strive to be better, not perfect!

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say we've all tried to become that perfect person.

Whether it's perfection in your job, education, your daily tasks or perfecting that gym body.

Trust me when I say, perfection can be a false direction towards success.

Striving to become perfect not only creates unrealistic expectations, but can completely put you off whatever you're trying to achieve.

At the end of the day, perfection isn't relastic because mistakes and failures are part of life, and the common thread around perfection is there are no mistakes, there are no failures, and that's why I have an issue with perfection.

Rather what I like as an alternative to perfection is the perspective of becoming better rather than perfect!

This idea of becoming better is a much better process because it allows room to fail and we can make those mistakes without compromising progress.

When you strive to become better rather than prefect you allow yourself to also accept learning as a key motivator and key driver towards becoming better.

You see better creates an opportunity to do more, while perfection in my view creates an end goal. Where the big issues lay for me is, IF you do get to that end goal, then what??

Say you get that eight-pack of abs, that perfect job. Then what? You're just going to stop and quit because you've reached that goal?

When you strive to be better, that end goal is still there, but the difference is when you get there, you can then re-adjust and evolve and set new goals, or a new direction based on how you got there.

Furthermore, when you're striving to be better you never settle on success, and the great ones, the legends so to speak are the ones that keep on pushing the limits, to create better versions of themselves.

You may be wondering HOW do you get yourself into a position to driving towards a better attitude and better version of yourself?

Pretty simple, set goals that are bigger than yourself. This will allow you to create better perspective and often attract success you never thought of, if you only focused on a smaller goal.

For example, part of my goals in life are to help others succeed. Yes, I want to be successful, but what allows me to drive to become better is that bigger goal of one day helping others succeed as well.

By having that goal, it creates two lots of focus, one on the now or me being successful in everyday, and that bigger goal, of ensuring what I do now has merit in helping others later, and that allows me to adjust, adapt and change to ensure I don't just settle on my on success.

If you are wanting to discover more, drop me a line at michael@momettas.com

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