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Follow your efforts, not your passion!

When it comes to the equation of success, effort plays a massive factor in my eyes, so with that being said, is effort just about giving it your best and working hard? or is it something a little bit more than that?

To help answer those questions, I recently began reading a book by Psychologist Angela Duckworth called Grit.

In her book she aims to discover how effort contributes to success, and breakdowns how the likes of perseverance, persistence and ultimately sustained long term success is linked to those directly using effort!

What really stood out for me in her book was this notion that success had an underlying theme, that theme being effort trumps most factors when it comes to success.

In other words, effort was in many cases the difference or the force multiplier when it comes to long term meaningful success.

Duckworth goes on to describe that effort counts twice, and that effort multiplied with talent equals skills, and skills multiplied by effort equals success.

When you think of it that way, it makes perfect sense.

Simply put we can’t always follow our passion, often we don’t discover our passion until it’s either too late, or in our minds irrelevant.

However, that doesn’t mean we should give up on passion altogether, rather what Duckworth eludes to is that effort often unintentionally directs us to our passion.

In many ways we discover our passion through the efforts we put in.

Some are more straightforward than others, for example, going to school your efforts may have been different when you played sports versus your efforts when you study, and this could be a possible clear sign you had some passion in sports or physical activities verses studying and education (to be fair, this example might be truer than I think!)

Or how about at work? You may find that your efforts seem to focus on responsibilities that may not be directly related to your primary job description but are within your industry of work.

For example, your primary role might be sales, but you find yourself putting more effort in joining various committees such as the Health and Safety, or Environmental programs and making more meaningful contributions in those areas. Whereas your primary role of sales might not drive you the way that Health & Safety does or Environmental concerns do.

The clue in this example would be to follow your efforts, and in this case maybe your undiscovered passion might be putting together successful committees or heading a board of trustees or becoming part of corporate board that drives community change in the environmental and sustainable industries or making significant Health & Safety policy changes at a Government level.

The examples above are situations where efforts can be used to discover your passion, as I discovered myself, I found a lot of my efforts heading towards communication and helping others, and by applying effort in those areas, it led me to find my passion for writing, and helping people discover their own goals in life.

Sometimes passion comes after a bit of trial and error, but in most cases they come as a result of sustained effort.

Passion is great, but it can only get you so far when it comes to success, effort in this case plays a much more crucial role to developing sustained passion, and evidently meaningful success beyond the initial scope of passion itself.

To learn more about how to use effort to discover your passion drop me a line at michael@momettas.com or for more on the research and studies that Angela Duckworth has done visit angeladuckworth.com.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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