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Accountability Sucks, but it's worth it!

There is a fear that being accountable will expose your weakness. This is somewhat true, but not in the negative perspective. Rather, being accountable for your actions allows you to thrive and drive towards being better. Being accountable allows you to highlight your strengths, and create better awareness. When you don’t hold yourself accountable, you often let things slip by, a project, a task or a “thing you were supposed to do” but “ran out of time". But when you do make being accountable a habit it makes those things have more meaning, and it gives you a better chance to not let those things slip by. Simply being accountable wont drive overnight success. Rather the mentality of being accountable on a regular basis does. You see being accountable is in many ways habit as much as it is a character trait.

Inc.com wrote an article explaining 7 Truths About Accountability, my favorite truth was number 6 "Accountability is the difference between success and failure", in particular the idea that someone more accountable will likely own the mistake, but then act upon it to solve it or ensure a rigid process is in place to stop it from happening again.

However, sometimes saying “that's my fault” or “that's my mistake” isn't enough, actions in this case is a much truer reflection of the success of accountability.

And at the end of the day, owning your mistakes is only one part of accountability, the success lies within what you do next! When you can own up to your mistakes, or failures that is the start of being accountable, this is the root of self awareness. But it's when you can stop it from happening again by learning from it, that it really starts to shape into success.

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