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When was the last time you had a shower?

If you’re reading this hoping for an answer to the title I think you may need some serious help!

And if you are indeed wanting to know when you last had a shower and thinking "I'm not sure when i last had one?" Then I think you should probably have one now!

Anyway, the title can be misleading but i can assure you there are some key learnings from this blog (I hope!)

So what does having a shower have to do with success?

Well when you ask many people about what’s stopping them from succeeding there are a few standard answers, or at least these are a few I've used before.

One - "I don’t have enough money"

Two - "I’m not qualified to do that"

Three - "I’m too scared"

Four - "The timing is not right"

Five - "What will people think?"

They are all relevant answers in my view, because they all hold personal meaning, and as I said, I've used them in the past, and sometimes still use some of them today!

BUT there is a common theme among those standard answers.

And it is the motivation to persevere, to keep on going despite the haters or the doubters.

And when it comes to motivation we often look elsewhere for it. We want a video to help us, a meme, a reminder to drive us towards our goals.

But the reality is those things only help for a little bit. I would argue looking for motivation is more of a spark rather than a long term solution.

You see this is where the title actually has relevance.

Like showering or general hygiene for that matter, you mostly do it on a daily or regular basis (well hopefully you do). It has over time become a habit, whether you have a shower in the morning or night or brush your teeth once, twice or every time after eating, you’ve created a natural habit that helps you be clean.

You see the connection between being clean and motivation is very similar.

You need to apply motivation in a similar process which is daily and regular in order for it to work in your favour.

The more you are self-motivated, the more it becomes beneficial for you. Much like having a shower everyday or brushing your teeth everyday, they have long term health benefits like washing away potential and harmful germs, or preventing rotting gums or teeth.

Like the benefits of being clean, daily and regular motivation does similar things in regards to success.

When you do it regularly, it helps you stay on track towards your goals, it allows you to avoid negative thoughts in your mind and it allows your energy to focus on things that are most important to your success.

Those are just a few things that daily and regular motivation can do to help.

However it can be hard to stay motivated regularly, but even if you start by reading some of those silly memes on Facebook, or look at those silly motivational videos, that's a start!

If you want to learn more about how to turn that spark into a daily motivation towards success, drop me an email at michael@momettas.com

Till next week,


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