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Not everyone will support your goals!

It’s hard to think of a world or society that doesn’t support success, or at least promote general success as a way of life. But the reality is, people, organizations, nations and close friends and families will sometimes go against what you believe is right for you!

Generally speaking, everyone wants to be better off, have a better life whether it be for them or for their close friends and families. BUT not everyone will support this idea.

It’s a tough world out there and certain people, groups and societies are designed to think and act on the opposite of what you're thinking.

And that’s not a bad thing, if we all thought and acted the same way we would be relatively boring in my eyes, and somewhat robotic in many ways.

That’s why we have governments who represent different views and policies, why we have companies who spend millions of dollars creating a point of difference from their competitors and why most sports have a minimum of two opposing teams so that they let each another know who's better.

Despite my general observation also known as “Captain Obvious” I believe being aware of the competition, the haters, and general doubters helps create two things.

FIRSTLY - Solidification of your own goal, dreams, and mindset!

SECONDLY - It helps drive a perspective of your goals, dreams and mindset!

Too often we see haters and doubters as enemies or potential threats to our goals, and often the fear of “what others think” kills most dreams and goals.

BUT the way I see it is an opportunity to solidify what you believe in.

You see; people by nature can be very jealous and envious, it's human nature!

Sometimes they see other people's success and feel threatened and want what you want or have, but for some reason or another they can’t achieve it, so they automatically go on the defensive and criticise your success.

They may say things like “that’s a stupid goal”, or “you only got to where you are because of luck” or one of my favorites “he was born to be successful”.

In a previous blog I wrote about responding and reacting, I discuss the importance of letting go, or using the negative to your advantage, to read more click here.

The reality is you’ll always have haters, ALWAYS!

Some will be more intense than others, and the more success you have the more likely you are to get more haters.

As I mentioned earlier, this can solidify your goals or mindset.

You see, if you really are passionate about your goals, or your beliefs, then you will be more likely to defend and define what you stand for!

If you find yourself copping out, or agreeing that your goal, mindset or belief is NOT strong enough, then your own personal conviction of your goal is not strong enough!

From this point you can do two more things,

ONE - Cop out and agree and let the haters and doubters win,


TWO - re-define your goal and purpose to make it stronger and more compelling.

Obviously the second part is where you want to head towards should you find yourself agreeing with your doubters.

To sum up, your goals aren't going to please everyone, nor should they! They are your's based on what you believe is important to you, and that's one of the important things to remember here, along with "there will always be haters!"

To learn more about discovering how to define your goals, drop me an email at michael@momettas.com

Till next week!


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