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How to build a success mindset

If you follow my blogs you would have noticed a couple of underlying themes that tend to help drive my writing, one is awareness and the other is success is defined by you.

Naturally, the later comes as a result of becoming aware, but the reality is they work hand in hand to help drive action in both areas.

Which leads me to the title of today’s blog, “how to build a success mindset” it’s pretty simple in my view.

It’s starts with awareness as the root solution, and then through a process of discovery and deep understanding of core values, it helps drive a meaningful purpose. That purpose of course defined only by you.

It’s the later I’d like to focus more on in this particular blog.

You see to build a success mindset you need to be able to have a foundation to work off. This foundation allows you to build the framework that is required to ensure your actions are connected to the foundation.

In other words you cannot have a disconnect between what you believe success is and how you actively action success.

An example of this might be trying to lose weight. So you cannot say I want to lose weight and that you need to go to the gym or go for a run or whatever it maybe that you think will require to lose weight, but then not actually go do any of those things at all, your goal will never be met!

So lets expand on how having a disconnect between purpose and action of purpose serves you no direct success. You see if we continue to take the example of going to the gym, the disconnect could look like this.

You decide to sign up to the gym after realizing you need to be more healthier and change your lifestyle, you then go to the gym but then are on your phone most of the session or worse you do the exercises prescribed by you trainer, but then you only put in 50% of the effort. You maybe tricking yourself in the fact that you are going to the gym and even doing the activities, but because you are not putting in the right effort, you’re only cheating yourself from your goals, and this disconnect is common not just in the "healthy-living" areas but in personal success.

Similarly, to have a success mindset you can’t have that same disconnect. Whatever you define as your idea of success, your actions and activities must follow the same pathway and more importantly have the right effort!

You see you can't say you want to be more valued at work, but then show no improvement to add value in your work activities or to your position, i.e. not going above and beyond.

Or you can't have a goal to be the "boss" but then show no activities around leadership or self-development around management duties.

To have a successful mindset, you must also have actions and activities that display your purpose.

That’s why I believe goals play an important role to creating success, let alone a success mindset, they act as a blueprint to help reinforce your belief in success and help drive the right actions and more importantly develop the success mindset.

If you want to learn more about developing a success mindset, drop me a line at michael@momettas.com.

Till next week!

Michael Basagre

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