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Set and forget or Set and Seek?

It is that time of the year where new resolutions, new goals and new strategies are set to make the year ahead your best year ever.

It's also the time of year where those resolutions, goals and strategies often start to die a slow a death.

The reality is simple, goals are important, I've said this many times before, but if you set your goals and then never talk, read or evaluate on a regular basis then they are not really goals, they are more statements in the moment with no real intention of achieving them.

So as the title suggests, do you set and forget your goals or do you set and seek to achieve them?

If you're the latter and wanting some tips on how to set and seek your goals then keep on reading, if not, keep on reading anyway, this may help you shift your intentions to more actionable outcomes.

So what would be my biggest tip? 

"It's also the time of year where those resolutions, goals and strategies often start to die a slow a death"

Well I've always recommended to my students and audiences that whatever goal you set, whether it be financial, health related or professional, they should all have one thing in common. That common denominator must always be your "why". Why does this goal even matter. It sounds simple and straight forward, but you'll be surprised how many people set goals without a proper purpose behind it. When you fail to link your goal to your "why" then its chances of succeeding becomes slim. 

So next question is how do you find your why for your goals? 

This is a little bit harder to do, but when done right can make a world of difference. So the main thing I would recommend is to simply start with "why does this goal matter to me" if you struggle to answer that question for that specific goal then the chances are its probably not a real goal in the first place.

If on the other hand you find yourself listing a number of reasons why that goal is important than chances are that goal is a valid one to keep.

For example, many, including myself have the traditional "lose the weight goal" after the holiday. For most its a valid goal, because like me you might over eat, over indulge and don't balance that over indulgence with exercise. But again if your goal is to lose the excess weight you may have put on, then your why could be "to fit into my work clothes so I can perform and start the year on a high note when I get back to work rather than, feel sorry for myself for eating all that extra food. 

Now you may achieve that goal pretty quickly, but if you were to have that goal with no why behind it, the chances of actually achieving will either drag on, and then snowball into a year long battle. 

But because you asked yourself a simple "why is this goal important to me" it creates substance behind it, and in the example above its not a crazy deep and meaningful why, it was pretty straight forward, pretty clear on why you want to lose the excess weight.

This brings me to my other tip, which is be specific with your why, and where possible the goal itself. 

Like the example goal above of losing weight, it was specific to why you wanted to lose it, specific in the way, because I mention "work clothes" not just any clothes, and why how fitting into those "work clothes" will help you hit the ground running.

Another tip I would suggest you do is try to create goals that cover all aspects of your life. What I mean by this is don't just have the traditional "I want to lose weight" or "eat healthier" or "make more money" but include goals such as travel, reading books, meeting new people, doing more of something or less of something, in other words set goals that will either stretch your current knowledge base or get you out of your comfort levels, remember goals aren't just about achieving them, they should also play a part in helping you develop and evolve as a person, that's why its important to ask yourself the "why is this goal so important" question. 

So there you have it, a short and sweet way to help you reach your goals, but more importantly follow through with them. 

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

 Main Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

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