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Why your attitude is crucial to your success?

Attitude, what is it really?

And why is it so important to personal success?

Can you actually measure it, and if so how?

All these questions are questions I used to ask myself many years ago.

The reality is, you can’t exactly measure success, therefore it’s hard to put it into an equation that formulates an outcome.

The dictionary defines attitude as "a settled way of thinking or feeling about something" and as I mentioned in the sentence above when it comes to feeling or thinking its so damn hard to measure! So to help me understand attitude is to think of attitude more like an internal thermostat.

Everybody's internal thermal properties are different. Some people like the cold more than the heat, and vice versa.

And when you think of it like that, attitude is kind of like an internal thermostat. We all have varying ideas of what the right attitude is, and often just like a traditional thermostat, it's immediate outside environment often controls the temperature stat.

Which is exactly how attitude works, often our attitude will react and respond based on our immediate environment, or at least our immediate thoughts, that's why you get people with fiery attitudes, or people who seem like nothing ever seems to phase them, their internal thermostat is set differently.

Which brings me to my next point, everyone has a different attitude, and not all attitudes are created equal, but probably more important than that, there is no definitive right attitude you should follow.

"your decisions become comprised, your actions tend to reflect the attitude and if you're trying to hit goals then extreme attitudes tend to alter your perspective on those goals"

With that being said, I'll admit now, if there was a range you should fall into, in regards to the so called "attitude spectrum" then you definitely want to be leaning towards more positive than negative. Simply put we've all experienced having or knowing someone who seems to be on the negative range, and more often than not, it tends to bring the mood down.

So if there is no right or wrong attitude, how should we use attitude to help one succeed? Well first you may define what a good attitude is for you and what a bad attitude is for you.

Similarly to how you respond to cold and hot temperatures, only you know what a good temperature range is for your body and how it can help you tackle a day. Whether you put on more clothes or less clothes, or if you wear winter boots or comfortable free flowing jandals or flip flops.

When you become more aware of the range of attitude that best works with your personality, then it will help you tackle each day, challenges a lot easier, and you will then likely have a better chance of utilising your attitude to help you succeed.

When you don't clearly define or are not aware of what a good or bad attitude is for you, then you run the risk of going to the extremes of the "attitude spectrum". Your decisions become comprised, your actions tend to reflect the attitude and if you're trying to hit goals then extreme attitudes tend to alter your perspective on those goals.

For example, if your attitude is so negative, you may see your goals as absolutely worthless, a complete waste of time and a stupid idea in the first place! Similarly on the opposite end, when your attitude is too positive, then goals become to "airy-fairy" or in other words "PERFECT" and when it comes to good goal setting, you need to be able to adjust and adapt if they aren't working, and when your attitude is heavily weighed on the positive side you tend to accept them as "beautifully crafted frameworks of how life should be!", and that is a slippery slope to going nowhere!

As I mentioned earlier, attitude is like a thermostat, the temperature will change throughout the day, and so will your attitude, so in difficult situations your attitude can help dig you out, or help you think more clearly resulting in a more effective outcome.

So there you have it, attitude is not only important but CRUCIAL to your success!

If you want to know more, send me an email at michael@momettas.com, I'd love to hear from you!

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

Main Blog Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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