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It takes effort to truly feel successful!

The late Jim Rohn, once wrote in his best seller, The Season's of Life that "it takes effort to become enthusiastic over a cause, or an occupation...It takes effort to feel right about everything that happens".

I love this quote because it simply explains that success is hard. True success or continuous success takes a lot of effort, and as Rohn rightly points out, sometimes the effort put in, doesn't always reflect results.

In other words, the work you put in doesn't always give you instant gratification, and in today's world where we are able to order a product or service at the click of a button using our smart phones, and that product be with us in a day or two or even hours, or minutes, then having to wait for your success can literally seem like a lifetime away.

But, here's the truth, when it comes to your own personal development, it is literally a lifetime of grinding away, failing, trying and succeeding and doing it over and over again. It's not some Uber service, or Amazon product that is going to arrive at your doorstep in an instant. And the reality is if your perspective on success is based on a short time line, then I hate to say, but you will be massively disappointed in the outcome.

You see the life hack when it comes to continued success, is pretty straight forward. It is simply the idea of getting better everyday, in all aspects of your life. When you focus on short-term goals and achievement then you run the risk of succeeding and then asking yourself "now what?" or worse feeling unfulfilled.

That's why it is important to have goals set around core values, and things that are truly important to you, because at the end of the day, when things get tough, and you have important decisions to make or find yourself at a cross roads then having the personal foundations to reset your direction is what will get you to the next stage, and evidently help you get better. And that is what a solid foundation can help with, or as I like to call it "core values".

So to sum up this blog, remember success takes effort, and success shouldn't be about instant gratification rather you should focus on putting in the work and effort around things that are important to you and that will help you drive towards becoming better.

Till next week,

Michael Basagre

Main Photo by Andreas Fidler on Unsplash

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