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Why life isn’t fair

Surprise, surprise, life is hard, bloody hard in fact for most of us, no matter what status or stage you might be in your life.

Everyone, and I mean everyone has daily, weekly and life long challenges that only that person going through can understand.

Despite all the self help books, blogs (including all of mine) and inspirational memes about motivation, at the end of the day our mind and body has a way of grounding us to a halt where a particular "thing" consuming our minds at that moment or time in our lives seems to matter the most.

It really is funny how our mind works, how it can create a perspective of “me against the world” view. Which brings me to today’s blog title of “why life isn’t fair”.

It’s not fair for a reason, that reason being, we were all made and molded to be individuals.

If life were supposedly easy, then we’d all have exactly what we wanted and we’d all be living the lives we believe we deserve.

But as I said, life isn’t fair. So get to used it!

In a recent blog post, I wrote how we can only control things that we can control (link here).

And through my own perspective, that is so true.

So how I see the world is life isn’t fair, so get used it and find ways to make it work for you.

You see the ones that push through, or seem like they have it all, take life’s challenges and unfairness and use it to fuel their success and journey ahead.

When you think of it like that, you have a better chance of succeeding and overcoming what life throws at you. But in order to do that you must be first willing and aware that life isn’t fair in the first place. Once you have that on your side, you also have chance on your side as well.

Now I’m not saying that’s all it takes. Because I’d be foolish in stating that, but what I am suggesting is that life has plenty to offer, you just have to be willing to look for it, to actively be aware of your circumstances, and be aware of the opportunities that lay within the challenge itself.

For example, most of us reading this blog obviously have access to internet, and with the internet have access to information at our fingertips. Information that could change how we think, change our lifestyles, educate us to become better people and access to almost anything in the world.

"If life were supposedly easy, then we’d all have exactly what we wanted and we’d all be living the lives we believe we deserve"

Now think of someone who doesn't have access to internet as easily, if they were to get the same information you were looking for, how easy would it be for us verses them. For example, if we wanted to buy a book, say a self-help book on Amazon that we wanted delivered the next day to read, and immediately improve our personal situation, and the person who doesn't have the same access has to maybe walk to a library (if there are any around) or worse never ever have the opportunity to search or know what a self-help book is, let alone how it could potentially change their world.

With that being said, there are many people who don't see "not having access to internet" as a barrier or an excuse to not become successful. You hear plenty of stories of people coming from nothing and working their butts off to get to where they are, often those people have their back against the wall, like that Will Smith movie "The pursuit of happyness".

The point I'm trying to make here is, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! As humans, one of the reasons we were able to evolve into the people we are today was because of our ability to "think differently" and to "be curious" about what life has to offer.

Evidently, we all have the ability to CHOOSE! Choose how we respond to challenges, choose how we seek to learn and develop, choose how we feel, choose our desired lifestyle, and sure, some people have harder challenges than others and even more have harder barriers to overcome than we can ever imagine!

So to sum up some of the key points in this blog, remember be aware that life isn't fair, it never is, however we all have the opportunity to change that perspective, and it starts with becoming aware of that very statement. That then becomes the foundation for you to make a choice, do I sit here and feel sorry for myself, or do I make a choice and see this challenge, this barrier as an opportunity? And finally, you have the CHOICE to feel how you feel, no matter how crappy the situation is, if you view life as treating you unfairly, then guess what it is, and if you view life as a endless field of opportunity, then guess what it is!

So, there you have it this week's blog, hope it made sense, hope it brought value and hope you were able to find it useful. If so, share and like with your friends and family.

Till next week,

Michael Basagre

Main Blog Photo Credit: by rawpixel on Unsplash

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