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"New Zealand is their home, they are us" - Jacinda Ardern

I begin writing this post like many New Zealander's are feeling in the wake of the tragedy that unfolded on Friday the 15th of March in Christchurch, hurting, confused, worried, angered just to name a few emotions. I also begin writing this blog, with the deepest sympathy, thoughts of those impacted, and of course like all New Zealander's with LOVE!

I struggled to find how a blog about personal development and success can somehow even closely relate to a tragedy so devastating and so close to home. It feels as though the relevance in my mind is so far removed that I thought writing a blog would be a slap in the face to those impacted.

BUT then like everyone who naturally watched, listened and read for updates on all media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin I noticed the out pour of love, prayers and the coming together of a nation, of a community and of people.

As I read through hundreds of comments, all I saw was comments of love, prayers and thoughts from everyday New Zealander's here and around the world, and this reminded me that tragedy and evil are part of this world, but so is LOVE & COMPASSION!

It is from that foundation of LOVE & COMPASSION that I was inspired and motivated to write and dedicate this blog to all those innocent lives lost, to all the families and communities affected and impacted. I chose three quotes below, as they resonated with me the most during this time, but there are plenty, hundreds and thousands from everyday people like you and me that are just as powerful, just as reassuring and just as relevant. I would love to hear what quotes and what words have helped you.

Much Love.

Michael Basagre

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