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5 Tips to Turbo Boost Your Goals

Achieving meaningful goals are never easy, in fact they are often designed to be hard and we almost subconsciously expect our goals will fall short or fail altogether.

Yes, there are guidelines that will help make a good goal great, and ways to ensure you keep it front of mind and if you want to know more about those particular guidelines then click here where I wrote a blog about why we set goals and then never revisit them.

But this blog is about FIVE ways to TURBO BOOST your goals, that’s right I said Turbo BOOST!!!

So before we dig into them, what would define a turbo boost?

Well first it needs to be practical and secondly it is designed as a short term spark, not to be used as a reason you keep your goals going, although there will be elements that can be used long term.

So now that we have laid down the expectations, let’s start.


"Say your goals out loud!"

That’s right, "say your goals out loud!". Now I must warn you before you attempt this, that you will sound and probably look silly, so if you are a person who doesn't like the spotlight then I suggest you find a quiet spot, for me I'll often do this in the privacy of my car before I leave to tackle the day.


"Bounce your goal off a friend or colleague"

Sometimes we are prone to keeping our goals to ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you need to make progress on your goals one of the best things you can do is talk to someone about it. I would suggest someone that isn't your direct report or manager. Often when you share your goals with them there can sometimes be a hidden agenda in the response, and remember personal goals are personal for a reason. If you do feel comfortable talking about your personal goals with your manager then by all means do so, I'm neither for it or against it, but in this context of "Turbo-Boosting" then find a friend or a colleague you trust.


"Watch motivational videos on YouTube"

Yep, you heard it right. Watch motivational videos. As cliche as this sounds there is some merit to it, and there is something about a spark of motivation that can get you back on track or accelerate your goals.


"Psych yourself up!"

Psyching yourself up can do wonders for your goals, I remember when I use to play rugby we would psych each other up before every game and the reason we did this was to get ourselves in the right head space before entering the field.

Similarly to tip one, make sure you find a space that you will feel comfortable when doing this activity.


"Listening to uplifting music"

A good tune that is filled with emotion and relevancy to a goal can do wonders to the mind and spirit of achieving your goals.

Think of it like boxers entering the boxing arena, they often choose music that reflects their character, their training, their mindset and their attitude.

The key to this is to choose music that gets you pumped up, rather than relaxed so I would say the love songs and slow jams are probably out for this one!

So there you have it, FIVE WAYS to TURBO BOOST your goals. As I mentioned earlier I would not recommend applying this five tips every single day, because it will lose its appeal, and as I eluded to earlier they are designed to get you excited and get you back on track with achieving your goals.

As always if you have any questions or would like to share your own tips then let us know in the comments or drop me an email at michael@momettas.com.

Till next time,

Main Photo Blog by Patryk Gauza on Unsplash

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