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Blog Interview with "Empowered by Sarah"

This year I set a goal to work and collaborate more with like minded people with a similar vision to Momettas, which is to help others succeed. I realized after two years since I started Momettas, that this vision is going to take a lot of time, and I mean, A-LOT-OF-TIME! The good thing is, I'm in it for the LONG HAUL! There's no point me preaching long term success if I'm not first willing to commit to it.

With that in mind, part of the goal as I mentioned above is to work with those in the same industry, and begin to collaborate more closely so that we can create a community that allows those wanting to better themselves, reach their potential and uncover their pathways of success much faster.

In this week's blog, I reached out to Founder of "Empowered by Sarah" Sarah Crisp on what success means to her, but more importantly what it means to the community she serves and the women she helps.

Sarah covers a range of skills to help women succeed, by providing tools, confidence and coaching, below is our blog interview of what success means to her and how Sarah goes about making a difference in women's lives.

Q: What made you get into wanting to help others, and in particular women?

"I grew up with a lot of pain and trauma in my life, especially during my teen years- but I never understood its impact on how I carried myself through the world as an adult or even how to begin to navigate it. However, thanks to a family member whom I have always idolized, I stumbled upon the Personal Development world in my mid-twenties and began eagerly absorbing all of the resources I could.

I was rapidly growing faster than I ever could have imagined and continuously challenging myself to explore new depths. One day, I felt called to attend a women’s retreat with Christine Hassler, and when my application was accepted I knew this was the Universe handing me an important opportunity. Thanks to the openness and vulnerability of every woman at that retreat, my life truly changed and had a newfound sense of clarity that helping women like this was my soul purpose. I had always loved offering support and help to friends and family, but I never realized until this experience that I could make it into a career. I was so inspired that I immediately began a formal education at iPEC to become a certified coach and learned to put my natural born skills into practice"

Q: How do you define success for you?

"My goal as a coach now is to make a difference one beautiful soul at a time. I want to reach women that stand where I was, and be that guiding light as they discover and navigate through their deepest rooted emotions and past traumas, spirituality, relationships, intimacy, sexuality and well-being. If I can do this for even one person in my lifetime, it is a success for me"

Q: How do you define success for the women you help?

"My clients success is 100% defined by their personal goals and where they want to be in life. This could be something as specific as a tangible action (such as weight loss, getting more sleep, finding a new job etc), improving relationships or even just a general FEELING. The important thing to remember is that it is never a straight line to success, the path is winding and it is sometimes one step forward and two steps back. It can be a messy and difficult process and it’s important to allow my clients to ride these waves with patience and compassion"

Q: What are some of the strategies you use to enable success?

"I help my clients achieve their goals by empowering them to lead their fullest lives through mental and physical fulfillment. This can have different meanings for each client and it’s crucial to fully understand that as their coach. The most important thing is to be here as their guide and confidant to help them discover that the answer to their happiness lies within THEM (and nowhere else!). Regardless of the twists and turns their path may have taken, or the valleys and mountains they have had to traverse"

Q: What challenges do you see women and those you help come across the most?

"The biggest challenge I walk my clients through is untangling the web of who society has told them to be and helping them to find out who they REALLY are. We work together to uncover the core of their true soul and help them get back to where they are meant to be. I help them to lead authentic and aligned lives by learning to unapologetically speak their truth, set boundaries, release resentment, shame, guilt, anger and nurture their inner child so that they can cultivate a foundation of self love"

Q: What’s the biggest fear that you see stopping women from succeeding?

"Everyone has their own gremlins which vary depending on past experiences in their lives. We all suffer from a variety of limiting beliefs about ourselves, false messages we have been served, assumptions about things that might happen and expectations about how things ‘should’ be. During this process, these will continue to present themselves in various situations and it’s important to be able to identify them and work through them. We must be sure to do this from a place of love and acceptance or they can hinder our progress if we let them"

Q: If you had one piece of advice that you give to aspiring women wanting to better themselves, what would it be?

"Self work is not easy. It is a life-long journey that requires commitment, dedication but above ALL ELSE, love, acceptance and compassion for yourself. You are going to fall down during this process and reopen old wounds. You are going to have times when you are triggered and do not always choose to put into practice what you’ve learned through coaching. It’s so important to be kind and gentle to yourself when this happens. It does not mean you are a failure, it means you are learning and growing. Never compare or define your growth based on anyone else but yourself and how you feel inside. Always remember that embarking on a self work journey is one of the bravest and most self honoring thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime- and you should be very proud for taking these steps. Keep pushing through because it can take a lot of fumbling around in the dark to find the light, but this is what you deserve"

What I learnt after interviewing Sarah were a few things, one was personal challenges come in all shapes and sizes, each of us have different levels of pain, hurdles and challenges to overcome, in which only we can truly understand. What Sarah describes is utilising the challenges and in Sarah's particular case "pain" to her advantage to uncover a new perspective in her life which was personal development, something that underlies the foundation of why I started Momettas in the first place.

Second observation was how Sarah pushed herself out of her comfort zone, and into a women's retreat to help discover more about herself. This is really important when looking to change, sometimes we get motivated and inspired to change, but the key factor is ACTION. Acting on that inspiration that spark of hope is what gets you to the next level of personal success, and often we need help to get us there, in fact help and support is a must!

The last observation I noted was that personal development is a continuation or an evolution of oneself, and more importantly it is not an easy road. Sarah talked about it in her answer "how she defines success for her clients" and I particularly loved her sentence...

"The important thing to remember is that it is never a straight line to success, the path is winding and it is sometimes one step forward and two steps back"

To conclude this week's blog, I want to summarise by saying success is personal, everyone must define there own reason for wanting to be successful and live a fulfilling life. Sometimes that comes in a moment, such as a tragic event or an experience of feeling like you're not going anywhere. With that being said, I also know that it can come from being inspired or being motivated to change, to wanting to be better. The main thing to remember is to keep adapting and to keep adjusting, because success especially personal success should never stand still.

As always, feel free to reach out to me anytime at michael@momettas.com, and of course please reach out and support our lovely blog guest Sarah on her social links below.

Till next time,

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