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Why Action will always be the difference maker!

Several years ago I came across this concept of "THINKING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS" and initially it peaked my interest because it felt like an easy way to get to my goals, which at the time were mainly focused on making more money.

What I learnt very quickly was "thinking" your way to your goals was only half the formula needed to get ahead, and that simply "thinking" your way through things would not get you anywhere, you had to take ACTION!

Now having a positive mindset is absolutely critical to ones development and success, and I believe that this concept of thinking your way to success falls under that category, BUT as I’ve previously stated in social media and several blogs before, is that simply thinking your way through life is not enough. In fact Gary Vaynerchuk sums my thoughts up best when he describes that “Ideas are shit, execution is key”.

I guess what I am trying to say is everyone wants to be better, greater, more successful have more money and have better relationships, who doesn't want that right? But unless you are willing to go out and start acting on those ideas, then those dreams, those ambitions will continue to remain as they are...dreams and ambitions.

The reality is you cannot magically think your way to success, for example if you want to get a six pack of rock hard abs you have to work at it. Or if you want a raise in your salary because YOU THINK you deserve it, then THINK AGAIN! You have to communicate, articulate and prove time and time again WHY the VALUE you bring to work deserves that raise in salary, in other words ACTION is what is missing in this equation, and without action then you full into the trap of EXPECTATIONS.

This idea of expectation without action is something that I used to do quite often, and sometimes still do today (I'm working on it though!). BUT the other day I was reminded of this "expectation without action" mentality in a conversation with a person wanting to land their dream job, they opened the conversation by saying; "I want this dream job, but every time I try to apply nothing happens, no one returns mt calls or emails?".

I then replied back and asked this person; "What have you done so far and how can I help you?".

They replied; "I've tried sending my CV to recruiters, to a couple of companies and no one wants to hire me?".

I asked this person another question; "What sort of value will you bring to this dream job of yours?"

This person paused for what seemed to be forever, then finally replied, "I don't know exactly".

Their answer immediately told me that they were only "thinking" their way to a dream job. Sure they thought about the dream job, and then acted on it by searching for the so called dream job followed by sending a CV, BUT expecting to get the job simply because you did what everyone else has to do when applying for a job which is to send a CV anyway, is only proving my point, which is "thinking and expecting" things to happen wont work. What I challenged this person to do is to think if they really had any substance behind achieving this goal of landing the dream job, or was it something they just decided to do?

In other words, were they ready to commit and take action to towards this goal, or was it the "easy route" process?

So what can you learn from this example? The same three things I told this person...

ONE - "What is it specifically about this dream job that excites you?"

This is the WHY component of success, it all starts with figuring out WHY you want what you want in the first place, without having this substance behind your goals it becomes difficult to stay motivated and keep pushing yourself forward.

TWO - "What are the potential skill gaps missing to achieve this dream job?

This is obviously the WHAT component of success. You need to understand WHAT is missing to get to your goal? Is it money, resources, time, a new skill or more education.

It is similar to saying I want to get rock hard abs, but don't know what type of work outs, what type of food or lifestyle is needed to get started.

THREE - "Who are the people that you need to start making connections with?"

This is the HOW component of success, and you should be asking yourself questions such as, HOW could I get closer to my goals, HOW do I ensure I give myself the best chance of succeeding?

In other words getting to your goals requires some form of help or support, whether that is networking in the industry you want to be in, or connecting with the right people that could get you closer to your goals.

For example, if you still want those rock hard abs there is no point sitting in McDonald's, you need to get in proximity of your goals, and in this example, it would be the gym.

Can you see a pattern emerging here? I am trying to prompt this person into ACTION.

At the end of the day these were just three straight forward questions, and I could've easily drilled down further and asked another twenty or so. BUT en-light of what this person immediately became aware of, was there was still so much work to do to land his dream job.

What I want to really point out here is that ACTION is vital to making IDEAS come to life, whether that be a dream job, ideal partner or ideal lifestyle. Unfortunately the connotation behind ACTION means you have to do some WORK, especially for more meaningful goals that you set.

With that being said work often means HARD, DIFFICULT or TIME CONSUMING for most people, and the reality is we are all guilty of wanting to take the easy road, me included. BUT getting over that hump and TRYING to execute whatever you are pursuing will lead to two paths;

1) You will know more about whatever it is you're chasing, i.e. what more you need to do to achieve it.


2) You will discover it is not want you are after and at least then you know you can pivot, change or adapt in your journey of success to something else, rather than HOPING and THINKING that is what you want.

Remember, success is much about setting goals, developing and becoming better versions of ourselves, as it is about putting in the work to achieve it, no one gets better, without doing the work.

Blog Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Till next week,

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