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3 Ways to achieve a great support system!

When it comes to personal development and any type of personal success, having support is a major factor to ensuring you hit that level of success.

Now support is a broad term to use so let me narrow it down in regards to personal development and success.

The reality is if you want to have significant and meaningful change you need to do things differently, replace bad habits with good ones, do less of something and more of something else. It seems like a pretty simple formula for change, but those on the path of change will know that it is not as simple as that.

Habits are hard to change, especially bad ones or should I say ones that are more ingrained, and simply doing less of something doesn't automatically mean you will do more of what you're supposed to do.

I guess what I am trying to reveal is that when it comes to support for your own development you need to understand that support is another mechanism to help you achieve that positive change, in other words it is pretty hard to do it on your own!

You see when we set out to become better versions of ourselves it is often a personal journey, in other words that change we set out for ourselves is only really going to matter to us. Sure those close to us might throw in the odd "cheer leading" support and encouragement but the reality is they won't be as invested in the change as you are. This is when the mechanism of support comes in and more importantly tailored support.

For example you are more likely to go the gym if you have a "gym buddy" the simple idea of someone with you doing something similar is likely going to have a better impact on your goals and success.

Even the best sport professionals have a tailored support crew on hand, for example, professional golfers who are often seen as individual athletes on TV actually have a massive support crew behind them. They have a strength coach, a swing coach, nutrient adviser, a personal trainer the list goes on.

"Accepting support doesn't mean you've failed it means you've learnt, it means you've become more aware of what's needed to succeed"

Even the professional athletes in team sports will go above and beyond their scheduled team training and coaching program. For example 5 x Superbowl Champion Tom Brady from the New England Patriots continues to employ a personal trainer who is often doing specific training just for him outside the realms of the team program.

But when it comes to everyday people like you and I trying to improve our lives, we often have a sense of having to do it all ourselves and this can be extremely daunting, and this is where the concept of support really comes into play.

You don't need to be a professional sports player in order to have the benefits of a support system, or have the luxury of time and money to invest in high end personal life coaches who can be at our side every second of the day.

The reality is we don't need to be a world class sports athlete or celebrity to enable that mindset of having a tailored support team around us. However what we do need is the mindset that "we don't need to do it alone" that no matter what level of success you are in, you can always have more support!

So what do we do and how do we do it?

Here are three ways to achieve a great support system.

ONE - Accept that You Need Help

Accepting that you need help is easier said than done but often this is the basis of most successful people, they are more aware of what they need, so by accepting that you need help and support means you are one step closer to your goals.

Note: Accepting support doesn't mean you've failed it means you've learnt, it means you've become more aware of what's needed to succeed.

TWO - Select a Mentor or People to Follow

Once you've accepted that you need help you need to research and look for someone or a group that could help you achieve your goals.

As I noted earlier, you are more likely to go to the gym and train, if you have a "gym buddy" that is the same when it comes to choosing someone to support you in your goals. You are more likely to do the things you set out if you're working with someone that supports you and is encouraging you in the same or similar area of focus.

So there are many ways to achieve this, you can ask someone to help become your mentor, or you can simply Google search your question or your specific areas of improvement and to try and find an online coach, public figures to follow or networking groups to attend.

THREE - Customise Your Support

Once you've identified potential mentor(s), people to follow or networking events to attend, the next step is to then customise how each or all of those components will work for you.

Some people prefer one-on-one style support, others work better in a group setting and others prefer to have support from a distance or online support, regardless of what you choose you need to choose one that you will utilise and therefore enable you to succeed.

The point here is to create a support system that will allow you to flourish and achieve your goals rather than a "ticking the box" process because you think it is the right thing to do.

The way I like to look at this third point is to make sure the support around me is workable, in other words, do I have access to it, will I actually actively engage in it and lastly will it enable me to apply effort into it?

The important thing to remember here is you are more likely to succeed if you tailor the support and make your own. Again this so called "tailored or customise support" is similar to going to the gym. If you customise your gym routine with things you know can do or engage with actively, then you're more likely to make it work, this is very similar to customising your support, the more tailored it is, the more likely you are to utilise that support system.

So there you have it support and help is a critical step especially when you are trying to get to the next level of your personal development. You don't need to uproot your entire lifestyle to create a support system, but you do need to have enough awareness to begin creating a support system.

As always, if you have any comments love to hear them or feel free to drop me a line at michael@momettas.com.

Blog photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.com

Till next time,

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