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3 Ways to Utilise a Balanced Perspective

Perspective is such a powerful tool when it comes to personal success.The amount of times that having a different perspective has helped me turn a negative situation into a positive one is countless.

So WHY is perspective so important?

Well perspective is all about balance, in other words seeing two sides of every story and every challenge or issue that will come your way. It's about a balanced approach that will lead to better outcomes and more importantly better control of the situation.

For example, if you only ever eat fast food all day every day chances are you are going to get pretty unhealthy pretty damn quick!

Likewise if you only ever ate apples all day every day, you will likely suffer from some health deficiencies in other areas.

My point here is you need a balanced diet to have a healthy lifestyle, only focusing on one extreme element and forgetting the rest will create unbalance in your health.

Similarly when it comes to perspective it needs to be balanced. As much as i'd love to have a positive perspective all the time, I know that it is not sustainable just like eating apples all day everyday, despite apples being good for you. Also on the other side I know for sure that having a negative perspective all the time definitely won't help, just like eating fast food all day everyday.

But having a balanced approach where you use both negative and positive perspectives together allows you to have a much better chance of success, and if I go back to the health analogy, you are likely to get better long-term sustained outcomes if you balance your eating with both good and occasionally not so good foods.

So with that being said here are three ways having a balanced perspective can help you succeed.


Understand Why an Argument Started

How many times have you had an argument or a disagreement escalate from nothing to an all out shouting war?

Seeing the other persons perspective or having an approach to want to understand the other person's point of view is critical for disarming arguments.

You maybe right from the arguments point of view, but respecting why someone has that point of view will allow you to assess your response much better.

For example, you and your partner arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes, it might well be their turn to do it, but for some reason they throw up a stink and say they can't be bothered tonight and ask if you could do it. Of course you stand your ground and say I did the dishes last night and before you know it you are both screaming at each other about doing dishes.

Now if you were to have a balanced perspective in this situation, and instead of standing your ground you instead tried to understand why your partner is throwing up a stink about dishes, then you may learn that it's not actually about the dishes, but it could be a bad day at work, or the kids were playing up all afternoon and the dishes are just the "thing" that kicked it off!

Now this example sounds trivial, but simply wanting to understand someone's point of view can help turn a potential argument into a potential avenue to learn more about the other person's view, or in this case their day.


Make Better Decisions

Having a balanced perspective when it comes to decision making is so important. This is in many ways how the famous "pros and cons" list was born.

By having a balanced approach to key decisions such as "shall I leave my job", or "shall I go to University or not" or my favorite "what shall we watch on Netflix?", allows you to make better, more confident decisions.

Each of those examples above, well maybe not the last one, all have something in common. That is they would absolutely benefit from a balanced perspective.

Making key decisions based purely on one point of view often leads to bad decisions in the long run.

By having the ability to see both sides of the decision, allows you to base your final choice with information thus allowing you to make a better decision.


Improve Personal Relationships

Having a balanced perspective when it comes to dealing with people does amazing things for that relationship. Whether it be professional or personal we can always benefit from respecting each others point of view.

When we do this genuinely not only does it tend to create better relationships but build long lasting ones.

For example, if you are a sales rep the cliche' goal is all about "hitting the numbers, or hitting the quota for the month and making the sales targets". Personally this one sided perspective is a dangerous one to have, and sure hitting his or her numbers is really important to those in sales, BUT if the sales person only ever focuses on their own needs and wants and never the customers, then you have a real imbalanced connection and dear I say one sided relationship that wont end well.

On the flip side if that sales person has both the customers and their own best interest at heart, then the likelihood of a sale will increase. More importantly if done genuinely then you are likely to build long lasting customers because you have listened, respected and understood what they need.

To best summarise the three ways that a balanced perspective can help you achieve your personal goals that then lead to a more successful personal journey, I would like to steal one of my favorite quotes from the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey who once wrote;

"First seek to understand, before being understood"

That quote alone has not only helped me personally, but catapulted my everyday success. As always if you have any questions or would like to know more about how to start your own personal success journey, then feel free to email me at michael@momettas.com.

Till next week,

Blog photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash

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