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I posted on my Instagram account a quote from Jay Shetty, that read "Rejection is just redirection", which I also saw quoted originally from Hala Taha Founder of Young & Profiting Podcast on one of her LinkedIn post. The reason I shared this quote was because it resonated with me so much, to the point that I needed to write a blog about it because the simple thought of redirection via rejection is so true!

So where do we start?

Well why don't we kick off by defining what rejection is for most people when it comes to personal success?

Rejection for most people is this concept of attempting to do or want something, and then upon waiting for a positive decision or outcome, the decision or outcome is negative.

However as simple as the concept of rejection is, the emotional reality is much more complex and harder to process. When you go through rejection, your mind and body naturally get deflated and you get this sense of being unwanted. These hurt feelings quickly make its way towards self-doubt, your confidence, your goals, your attitude and your self-worth, just to name a few personal characteristics it impacts.

BUT the other reality is, it doesn't need to be this way.

Why? Well the second component in this particular quote highlights a pretty significant element to personal success, that is the aspect of "moving forward". That component of course is REDIRECTION.

I love the idea of REDIRECTION because it speaks volumes about a key factor to personal success, which is often overshadowed by more popular factors such as motivation, inspiration or growth. That factor that is often overshadowed is "CHOICE", and "CHOICE" is an absolutely underrated factor when it comes to personal success.

At the end of the day we all have the choice to react or respond to a situation, and in this particular quote "rejection" relates to reacting, and "redirection" relates to responding.

The idea that choice plays a critical part to success is something we should be actively practicing. We all have the choice to be better versions of ourselves, we just need to be more aware of it.

BUT how does this quote help you exactly?

What if you're not the type of person who can see past the rejection? or have the self-awareness to choose to feel redirection verses rejection?

I asked those very questions myself and below are some tips on how to redirect when you get rejected!


"Give yourself a quick pep talk"

When you get rejected from something you feel like you want to curl up into a ball and hide away until your ready to face the world. This idea that you have to go from wanting something to feeling nothing is normal, so the best way that I have found to counter that large swing in emotion is to give yourself a quick pep talk.

Saying small things to yourself like "That's ok, another opportunity will come this way soon" or "You got this!, that was a small speed bump, keep on going" all seem insignificant and maybe silly on the outside, but what you are actually doing is nipping the negative thought before it can grow into those other areas I mentioned earlier such as confidence, attitude or mindset.


"Laugh it off"

Similarly with a quick pep talk, "laughing" rejection off does wonderful things to the mind.

Laughing off rejection kind tricks the mind into thinking your're ok, BUT of course you're not, but the idea here is to really stop those initial negative thoughts that come from getting rejected, turning into wildfires in your mind.


"Say thank you"

Thank you is this concept that is really under appreciated. By saying "thank you" when you get rejected you are ultimately practicing gratitude, and by being grateful during rejection it creates opportunity and accountability which are two massive themes when it comes to personal success.

So to conclude this weeks blog themed around this awesome quote "Rejection is just Redirection" let me start by saying, we all have a choice to make when we face adversity. Rejection is really hard to take at face value because all you want to do is hide and cover your emotional bruises. BUT the reality is by being aware that you have the opportunity to choose how you feel is more important than the act of being rejected.

The quickest way to avoid rejection from ruining your day, week or month is to nip it in the bud immediately, and by giving yourself a "pep-talk", "laughing it off" or saying "thank you" at the face of rejection are evidently "nipping" rejection in bud!

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

Main Blog Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

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