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Don't fall into the success trap!

If I haven't already eluded to it in the past, let me remind you that PERSONAL SUCCESS is HARD!, and anyone telling you otherwise is either not truly in the path of personal success, hasn't got a big enough personal goal, or has yet to come across a major challenge that would shake his or her fundamental progress.

Often the concept of success is driven by what "society" has set it out to be and often the measure of success is either lots of money, a great job, a big house, the best education, a flash car or all of the above. Don't get me wrong, those are nice measures to have and to potentially work towards, but they should be by-products of your success not your defining reason for success!

What I want to bring to your awareness is that success is not defined by what society measures it to be, rather it should be measured by your own personal values!

How do I know this? Well I fell into the trap of society's definition of success really early in my life, I was advise during some point in my early teens that by getting a good education it will automatically transfer to a great job, and that great job will automatically transfer to lots of money, lots of money of course buys you a big home and flashy cars!

Boy was I wrong!

Not wrong in the sense that those measures of success transferred or related to one another, but the idea that success was linear.

It was in my eyes as simple as "Point A to Point B" movement. What society often leaves out is all the life challenges, the ups and downs, the rejections both personally and professionally.

When you combine both the measures of "popular society" and a blindness to life's challenges, then you are likely falling into what I like to call the "success trap". A trap intended to fool you into thinking success is easy and is a one way street where everyone gives you a helping hand and directions to your destination.

My experience and many others would suggest otherwise.

You see the success trap is lathered with winners, with stories of outliers, innovators, and sports legends, rarely does it talk about the person who went through a difficult relationship or lost their job or a parent battling to put food on the table who then comes out the other end successfully. For some reason that type of success is not as commonly documented, yet society is filled with people like you and me growing personally and professionally having little wins in everyday life. YET there is such a disconnect and separation of what personal success should be, and often I see this "you either make it or you don't" mentality. When you have be given this perspective it is so easy to see why people disconnect themselves from personal success, simply because they don't believe in it. In other words we LIMIT our thinking to having the big house, the flashy cars, the executive job or that we need to be the next Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs' and the Michael Jordan's of this world, and when there a few and far between references to where you are now and where want to go, then you are likely to not pursue your full potential at all. That my friends is a trap of the mind, aka "the success trap".

So how do you avoid the dreaded "success trap", the answer is BE MORE AWARE!

What do I mean by being more aware?

Well don't simply rely on traditional sources to guide you into success, you need to develop your own path. I know this sounds cliche' but it really is true! The more you are willing to craft out your own definition of success, the better fulfilled you will become. In other words, you will better define what your purpose is.

The other advice I would give based on my own experiences is to challenge your understanding of success, this will break down the traditional thinking and get you to question the credibility of success, and will again feed into the idea of defining success based on your values, not others!

Finally, I would recommend you continue to learn about yourself. The success trap often creates a fixed mindset and when you're looking to define what success means to you and how you go about achieving it, you need to be in a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset, and the growth mindset is set on the basis of learning, so keep on learning, or as I coined the phrase, "BE A STUDENT OF LIFE"!

So to conclude, the "success trap" is a real thing so don't let it trap you into thinking success is for the rich and famous, or the fortunate ones! Anyone can be successful, BUT it starts by you defining what success means.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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