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Why your dream job doesn't exist!

I'm going to write about a subject that is potentially controversial because it could be perceived as having a negative perspective or outlook on the subject, that subject as the title suggest is "why your dream job doesn't exist".

BUT let me reassure that being negative is not the goal of this blog and that hopefully by the time you finish reading this it will allow you to understand my perspective a bit better, as well as provide some insights to help you discover your dream job, if that is what you're looking for of course.

So why cover this subject in the first place?

Well first off, it is dear to my heart and one of the specific things I actually teach my clients on, and secondly I don't want people to feel discouraged when the "dream job" fails to turn up and then decides to body slam you into reality!

You see, I use to view success as a linear line, i.e. going from "point-A-to-point-B", in fact I wrote about that concept in a blog here. But the reality is, success is not that straightforward and it wasn't until I discovered how important self-improvement was to my own success that I really began understanding what success meant to me. This new found perspective not only changed my views of success, but also my progress and trajectory of it. When my trajectory and perspective changed, so did my view on the so called "dream job".

Before that though, I had my eye on a dream job out of University which was to be this "Hot Shot Media Advertising Guru" person. But when nearly 8 months passed after graduating University with a degree in Media & Advertising and no job to show for it, that is when the "dream job" picked me up and body slammed me into reality, and boy did it hurt my ego!

This unfortunately happens way too often and if I take my own experience this is a combination of society and traditional methods executing the so called "success trap". To learn more about what that is click here.

With all that being said though, dream jobs do exist! The challenge is we have to be willing to unearth it and often the dream job is not static, therefore we need to be able to adjust our perspectives, attitudes and actions accordingly to keep a "dream job" alive, otherwise the concept tends to fizzles out and just turn out to another job.

My advice when you're thinking of a "dream job" would be to remember these three things...

One - Don't be lured into a linear thinking!

Dream jobs are often unearthed out of experiences rather than logical sequence. Simply working you way up an organization ladder or getting a degree then landing the dream job is a dangerous thought process, so think about a dream job more as road map with plenty of destinations along the way.

Two - Your dream job may not even exist yet!

Markets and complete industries change all the time so your so called dream job may not even exist right now. For example, 20 years ago who would've thought that being a Social Media Influencer would even be job let alone aspire to! So be prepared to adapt when opportunities arise.

Three - Explore your efforts and interests!

Too often we decide to stick to an industry and assume we'll be there forever, working our way up the ladder to more responsibilities and more pay. The harsh reality is a lot of people are not happy with the job there in, let alone the industry. My recommendation is to follow your efforts and interests and INVESTIGATE WHY you like doing those things, this will help establish a wider perspective on what a dream job may look like in the future.

So to sum up, dream jobs exists despite what the title assumes, success is not linear and there are three ways you can help yourself discover a dream job. As always, if you have any questions please drop me an email at michael@momettas.com.

Till next time!

Michael Basagre

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