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3 Positive Points To Get Ahead at Work

Working your way up the corporate ladder let alone the “working ladder” can be a daunting task. Now I realise that this blog may not be for everyone for the simple fact that not everyone has a goal to move up, but regardless of whether you want to make a professional name for yourself or not, I believe that these three positive points below can help make you become a more valuable employee, and therefore receive additional benefits, so with that being said lets cover the three points below.

First Positive Point.

"Ask plenty of questions"

This may seem like a no brainier but the reality is, some of the technology we use in the workforce is moving us away from meaningful conversations with colleagues, and therefore our interactions are becoming more transactional even when we do ask questions.

For example, asking a question on an email won't have the same substance as a face-to-face question or even a phone conversation. When you ask more questions about your job, your leadership and related market information then the better engagement you are likely to have with those around you. This not only demonstrates you care about the company and role but that you have an interest in the company, and often knowing what is going on inside and outside of your company, helps put you in a better position to add value and therefore increase your chances of succeeding.

Second Positive Point.

"Take on more responsibilities"

That's right, ask for more work! This point may seem a bit odd, but the ones that constantly take on more responsibilities tend to get further ahead. Why? because they demonstrate a willingness to learn, challenge themselves and get out of there comfort zone, and these factors are often seen as invaluable skills to have when being assessed at the next level.

SIDE NOTE: Be sure to take on more responsibilities by creating the right expectations, for example you don't want to over work yourself or put yourself in a position where you stretch yourself so thin that you actually do less productive work. So my recommendation would be to ensure you have a medium in which you can frequently check in on how your work load is going. This will help ensure you succeed and don't get burnt out, or worse taken for granted!

Third Positive Point....

"Help others along the way"

This is my absolute favorite way to get ahead in a work environment! There is this infamous quote from Napoleon Hill in which he states that "the fastest way to succeed, is to help others succeed!", and I am a massive believer in this!

When you go out of your way to help other colleagues or team mates succeed, it shines a light on you as a person, and the light is going to be a radiant one! You see, you could easily add value by getting a spreadsheet to your boss a day earlier, but to help your boss succeed in front of his or her boss by making his or her job easier has massive ripple effects, and often those ripple effects have a funny way of coming back around to then help you get ahead!

So, getting ahead in your company doesn't need to be a whole bunch of "brown-nosing" or being the teachers pet, in fact I would highly recommend you don't do that at all, as it will have the impact of doing the reverse of what I just wrote!

So if you plan to get a head in your company, make sure you genuinely add value, these three points I've highlighted are made to create value to you as an individual and therefore as an employee, but also to add value to those receiving it, and the only way to do that is to be authentic when you attempt these positive points, after all they are POSITIVE POINTS!

As always I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and / or any suggestions for future blog posts you would like to see, so please feel free to email me at michael@momettas.com.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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