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12 Quotes from the "BEST BLOG BITS"

Over the past couple of months I have covered a range of different topics on personal success, and so this week I wanted to re-share some of the "Best Blog Bits" that I have been capturing each week.

My goal in particular for this blog is to help spark an action for you to go and start creating something for yourself, such as giving yourself permission to succeed, as I learnt from the inspirational Gemma Root, or being more aware that you have the choice to feel rejection, or simply discovering that your so called "dream job" may not even exist right now and that you have to create it!

With all that being said, below are my 12 favorite quotes from the "Best Blog Bits", and if you would like to know more about that particular quote then click on the image and it will take you directly to the blog associated with that quote...enjoy!

What was your favorite quote, or have I missed one that you think is worth adding to the "Best Blog Bits" family? If so email me the quote and the blog title or link at michael@momettas.com.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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