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5 Ways to enable a better perspective

Is having a better perspective overrated?

Is it "too-fluffy"?

Could you measure it?

Can you even define it?

I actually don't know have any answers to those questions, or at least not from a scientific perspective, however one thing I can testify from my own experiences is having a better perspective leads to more awareness, and being more aware enables personal success to thrive, especially when negativity creeps in!

So with that being said here are five ways to enable a better perspective that will help fast track you personal success.


Practice gratitude

Gratitude is one thing BUT practicing gratitude is a different level altogether, and when it comes to contributing towards a better perspective being grateful is a MUST if you want to develop a better perspective that leads to greater personal success.


Give more than you take

In a similar vein to practicing gratitude, "giving more than you take" enables you to get into a mindset that thinks about others, and when you do this it allows you to see a different side that you may not have seen if all you did was take.


Lend an ear

Sometimes a better perspective simply means listening more than you should talk (supposedly it is why we have two ears and one mouth). When you lend your ear or offer to be a sounding board for others you position yourself to have a different perspective, the tip here is "to understand before being understood" as the late great Dr. Stephen R. Covey famously coined.


Connect with new people

If having a better perspective simply means seeing other people's point of view (as in #2 and #3) then connecting with new people will certainly fast track this for you. When you connect with new people you a forced to understand who they are and even the simplest of questions like "where did you go to school" or "where did you grow up" creates a better perspective or a real opportunity to learn something new.


Stop complaining!

When you stop complaining, or at least limit your energy into real complaints worth pursing, then your energy that was used to complain can be better utilise to develop a better perspective. I know first hand that complaining is draining and worse it is a vicious cycle that once you get going often leads to a very long-energy-draining process of wasted time!

So there you have it, five ways to enable a better perspective!

If you have any that you would like to add drop me an email at michael@momettas.com.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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