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Why you should start applying gratitude to help accelerate your success!

I recently finished reading Ariana Huffington’s book Thrive, in it she talks about her experiences of over working, following traditional pathways of success and general well-being to name just a few key themes. Among her experiences she writes about some of her solutions to these challenging life lessons and among them was the concept of gratitude. This concept of gratitude really got me thinking about how under utilise this is in our daily lives, let alone personal development and so I wanted to take a little bit of closer look into how gratitude can accelerate the journey of success.

In past blogs I’ve discussed mindset, attitude, perspectives, goals, opportunities but I haven’t really discussed gratitude in much length, yet after reading Huffington’s book it was clearer to me that we should be talking about gratitude more, but even more important than talking about it, is we should actually be practicing gratitude more!

Gratitude not only helps create a "grateful approach" to life, but it is actually a powerful tool to help develop a better perspective and when used consistently and genuinely it can absolutely accelerate your personal growth!

My perspective on gratitude is, it is under valued and too often we associate gratitude with having to have a near death experience in order to really activate its "grateful approach", as opposed to gratitude being a daily habit.

What we should aim to do is to build gratitude into our daily activities, much like we do brushing our teeth or exercising. We should also consciously look for more opportunities to be thankful for and grateful for, rather than waiting for big moments to initiate gratitude.

How do we this? I think the best way to start is trying to wake up with the intentions of gratefulness on your side. I know this is easier said than done, but something you can try, which I've been doing most mornings is when I make my coffee I stand outside (unless its raining) and take a mental photo (and sometimes a photo on my phone) of the sunrise and the sunrise is my cue to be thankful for the day.

Another way is scheduling certain times of the day to ask yourself what are you grateful for? For me I try to schedule this time after lunch and just before I finish up for the day.

Finally try applying or incorporating the words "thank you" in your daily language. For me I like to use it in my emails to customers, messages to people who comment or engage in my content. Like the sunrise, the words "thank you" become a cue to ensure my response or communication has a strong element of gratitude embedded within the email, phone call or comment.

With all this being said, I'm no expert in the field of gratitude and as I eluded to earlier gratitude through my own experience is under utilized, but if we can start applying gratitude in our daily activities then I think we will all become better for it!

What are your thoughts on gratitude? Drop me a line at michael@momettas.com to let me know.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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