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How core values drives success

Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on Beyond 6 Seconds podcast hosted and founded by the wonderful Carolyn Kiel and one of the elements I talked quite a bit about on her show was the idea of core values as a key driver for personal success. Upon hearing myself talk about it with Carolyn I wanted to take this opportunity to elaborate on it a bit more.

Before I do though I wanted to quickly define what a core value is.

A core value through my perspective is something that goes beyond the tangible things such as a job title, cars, house or money, don't get me wrong those things are important and I define those things as surface value.

However when it comes to core values it is something that must come from within (hence the core part) and should be something that you can live by everyday. Core values should influence who you are and how you want to be remembered. A great way to think of your core values is to think of it like a North point on a compass, you can use it to fall back on when your feeling lost in your work and life and use it to guide you back to the path of success.

So the question is, "How do core values drive personal success?".

Well when you know what your core values are and more importantly you use it to live out what you do and how you do it, then the success part becomes a by-product of living out your core values.

Put simply, core values accelerate your personal success because they help enable things that are important to you, and by doing things that are important to you that are driven by your core values you WILL put more EFFORT, more ENERGY and more HARD-WORK into those areas. Also things like goals become more meaningful therefore the chances of you achieving them increase!

On the flip-side you could argue that people succeed all the time without knowing what their core values are. My response to that comment is, it absolutely does and there is nothing technically wrong with that approach. However, if you're wanting to have meaningful reasons as to WHY and HOW your success is impacting you and others then you will need to uncover your core values.

At the end of day success is easy, but meaningful and purposeful success is not and that is where core values can really drive personal success!

If you want to learn more about my interview with Carolyn Kiel on Beyond 6 Seconds then click the link here, and if you're wanting to learn how to uncover your core values then email me at michael@momettas.com.

Till next week,

Michael Basagre

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