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My Favorite Blogs of 2019!

Well 2020 is well and truly upon us and after a solid break from writing, I thought what better way to kick off 2020 blogs my reviewing some of my favorite blogs of 2019.

Now before I rate or rank, its important to know that the ones selected weren't selected on the most views, likes or shares and the reason being is I began writing blogs to help others succeed, and the second reason was to challenge myself and get me out of my comfort zone. So those were the two real pieces of criteria when selecting five favorites from 2019 (for the record it wasn't easy).

So lets begin...

"Why perfection is a mythical creature!"

The reason why I liked writing this blog was actually because of the title. I wanted to disable perfections' stronghold on people's reality and by linking perfection to a "thing" and in this case, a creature it hopefully made perfection look and feel unreal rather than something worth chasing.

"Blog interview with Carolyn Kiel, Host of Beyond 6 Seconds"

This was my first international blog interview with someone base in the United States, so this was not only special but a massive milestone, and the reason it made the list was because it challenged me to connect with other like-minded people outside my traditional circles and really extract different perspectives. In doing so it really opened the door to collaborating (I goal I had set myself in 2019 to start doing).

"Blog interview with David Meltzer, CEO of Sports 1 Marketing"

Speaking of international interviews, David fall seamlessly into that category. Why this was one of my favorite blogs was learning to deal with a number of David's public relations team in regards to proof reading, fact and quote checking. It really opened my eyes to the profession of writing and the effort that can go behind a brand and public figure like David.

"You can only control what you can control"

One of my earlier blogs of 2019, but one which I really enjoyed writing because of how decided to start challenging the certain themes I was writing about. In other words I was wanting to create more tension with the reader in hopes that it would get them to really think about the key points of the blog, and this one in particular helped set the tone for the year.

"Blog interview with living cross fit legend Gemma Root"

This blog for me in 2019 was super important, like the other two interviews with Carolyn Kiel and David Meltzer, this one also challenged me to think and ensure I captured the value of the interview and Gemma was no different.

What I really loved about Gemma's interview though, was how she really spoke from the heart. This allowed Gemma to open up and really reveal what drives her and evidently led to her successful transformation in the fitness world and beyond.

So those were some of my favorite blogs of 2019, what were yours? More importantly, drop me an email at michael@momettas.com about topics and ideas you'd like me to cover this year or people you'd love me to interview.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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