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3 Ways to fast track your personal development!

To paraphrase Charles Darwin;

"it is not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive, it is the one's most adaptable to change".

Adapting, whether it results in a good or bad outcome is always a good approach and strategy. Sticking to the status quo or not adapting in life is a sure fire way to create obstacles and challenges for yourself.

When it comes to effectiveness of adapting the key is to let of your ego and be open to humility. What I mean by this is, you must be open to the concept of adapting and that means having a learning mindset.

Evidently adapting is just another form of personal development and by nature we all adapt subconsciously, for example we adapt from being a new born to a toddler, toddler to a child, child to a teenager and teenager to young adult. At the end of the day we don't really take notice of it, but when you look back we've all adapted in some shape of form.

So if adapting is just another form of personal development then my question is how do we help accelerate that in order to better ourselves which results in a more fulfilled way of living?

Well, below are three ways to help fast track and accelerate your personal development.

They are...


Read more self-help books!

I use to have this real stigma associated with reading, let alone the genre of "self-help" books, the phrase alone use to make me cringe and when I heard people associate themselves to a self help book I use to think they were useless folks who couldn't get their act together!


What I later learnt was those that read and specifically the so called "self-help" books were in fact that ones that seemed to get a ahead in life and get all the opportunities. In fact one of the richest people in the world Warren Buffet has stated publicly that he contributes much of his wealth to reading, and in an article by CNBC Buffet noted much of success was due to the advantages of reading. To out some context into it Buffet would contribute 80% of his day to reading and that he would on average read around 500 pages per day!

So be sure to read more as it is a great way to fast track your personal development.


Listen to educational podcasts!

If there has been a strategy or revolution in the effectiveness of personal development it has to be the advancement of technology and if used correctly it can be extremely effective. In particular podcasts in the educational genre that is devoted to personal development.

Don't get me wrong I love reading and reading is a great way to learn, but if you don't have the opportunity to read or lack the discipline then utilise podcasts! They not only create a different learning style, they are more often or not a great way to get a message or value to you more effectively.

The trick of course is to filter through the best ones, because as this genre and this format continues to grow so does the amount of podcasts and shows out there, so you want to be able to select ones that are going to help you.

My suggestion is to try out a few different ones and get a feel of what style you like, for example do you prefer short sharp episodes, or long open conversations with thought leaders and authors?


Let go of your ego!

I mentioned earlier that in order to be effective, you need to be open to humility and letting go of your ego, especially in pursuit of learning!

Letting go of your ego in order to better yourself is easier said than done though, but I know from personal experience that when you do, the world of opportunities tend to open up! You gravitate towards like-minded people, doors tend to open or at least present themselves in a more friction-less manner allowing you to uncover even more opportunity.

When you let go of your ego many things happen, but one of the biggest things that will likely occur is a shift in your mindset, a shift towards self-learning, which is a natural shift towards better communication, better standards, better approach, better perspectives, better lifestyle and frankly better everything!

Now I'm not suggesting once you let go of your ego, the gates of opportunity and the path of your dreams are paved for you to walk through, quite the opposite in fact, rather what I am suggesting is your resilience, your attitude towards areas that help you become a better version of yourself improve! Like the way you read, who you listen to, who you surround yourself with or what you consume.

With that being said anything that requires sustained long term change and learning, also requires equal if not more amount of continuous effort! Effort and hard work cannot be substituted, just like reading a few self-help books or listening to a few Gary Vaynerchuck podcast wont automatically translate to success, you still have to put in the work!

So there you have it, three ways to help fast track your personal development, to sum up they are, read more self-help books, listen to podcasts and let go of your ego!

As always if you have a topic, suggestions or questions please feel free to email me direct at michael@momettas.com.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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