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3 Quick Ways to get Motivated

Motivation is like candy for big kids! My experience with motivation to date has been a mixed bag, sometimes it has worked, other times not so much! What I have learnt though is motivation should not be your reason for sustaining a high level of success, rather it should be used to "kick-start" or "get you back on track".

So with that being said here are three ways to get you motivated!


Turn the Music up Loud!

There is something powerful about music that can get the mind and body motivated like no other influence around, so when you get the chance to chuck on a motivational tune like "Eye of the Tiger", or anything that you know is guaranteed to get you pumped and motivated then turn it up loud and begin getting motivated!


Fist Pump Your Way to Motivation

Similar to music, clinching your fist and pumping the air has some crazy powers that release energy like a Street Fighter character. So when you want to get motivated fast, try fist pumping the air multiple times or better yet box your energy and motivation into existence!


Just do it!

Motivation is action masked as inspiration. So what better way to get motivated then to follow Nike's infamous slogan of "JUST DO IT", literally, just do the damn thing you keep putting off or procrastinating. Use your lack of motivation as FUEL for motivation, its kind of like reverse psychology.

So there you have it, a quick blog highlight three ways to kick off your week and get you motivated, speaking of, I only mentioned three ways, what are some of the things to help "kick-start" your motivation?

Let me know in the comments or drop me a line at michael@momettas.com.

Till next week,

Michael Basagre

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